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Activate Lemon’s Hidden Cancer and Inflammation Fighting Powers By FREEZING Them Like This

A recent study has proved that the natural compounds included in lemons and other citrus fruit, known as limonoids can prevent the growing of both ER+ and ER- breast cancer cells. It is recommended that we should use the entire lemon, without wasting its ...Read More

Complete Ketosis Food List

What is the meaning of Keto? When the carbohydrates are absent or restricted from your nutrition, the body must rely only on fat for providing energy. When the carbohydrates level in the body is low, ketosis happens, 20-50 carbohydrates per day. The best, most ...Read More

These Things Happen To Your Brain When You Eat A Pickle Every Day

These results suggest that consumption of fermented foods that contain probiotics may serve as a low-risk intervention for reducing social anxiety. – US National Library of Medicine It turns out that eating fermented foods such as sauerkraut, pickles and yogurt may help ease certain ...Read More

Low Carb Food List To Lose Weight-Complete List

Fattier meat cuts contain more fat and less protein and that’s why they’re healthier. Choose organic eggs and organic fed animal foods in order to reduce the intake of antibiotics, bacteria, and steroid hormones. The best choice are clean proteins taken from local sources ...Read More