Various Benefits of Japanese Crystals – Water Kefir

The healing probiotic culture, tibicos, known as water kefir, Japanese crystals, pearl tears or Caspian algae, is a special type of probiotics that contains a large amount of useful fungi, of which the most important are Lactobacillus brevis and Lactobacillus hilgardii.

Tibicos, called water kefir, is one of the best and most healing foods that do not contain milk. His preparation is extremely easy and his beneficial effects are immeasurable. Tibicos can be consumed in large quantities and has a pleasant taste reminiscent of the carbonated lemonade. There are various versions of preparation of this medicinal beverage, and basically are kefir grains or crystals probiotic cultures tibicos that multiply. Kefir grains are discovered thousands of years ago by the shepherds of the Caucasus, including they have been used for making drinks that are known for longevity of the residents of the area. Modern medicine has explored the benefits of water kefir in a number of studies and showed that the crystal grains are rich in a number of various fungi and bacteria that have beneficial effects on human health. According to the results of the research, it was shown that kefir grains are rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

The preparation of water kefir

Healing potion from tibicos fungus can be easily prepared in home conditions. For the preparation of water kefir all you need is a few tablespoons of crystals (can be ordered online or purchased directly from farmers), several pieces dried fruit of your choice, sugar and water. The basic recipe consists of 6 tablespoons crystals, one spoon of raisins, 4 tablespoons sugar, one-half of a lemon and 2 deciliter of water. If desired, instead of lemon can be added and some other fruit, such as oranges and tangerines, because its purpose is solely to taste.

In container of two liters first dissolve the sugar and water. It can also be used brown sugar, but white is better for fungal growth. Wooden or plastic spoon pour the crystals, so as to cover the bottom of the container. Then add the dry fruit and lemon. The tube should then covered so that the air can circulate, in order fungi to develop. The fermentation process takes from 24 hours to 72 hours, depending the strength you want, no special rules. When fermentation is over, drink is filtered and consumed as desired. Filtered crystals are washed and can again using the same procedure, except that dried fruits should be changed after seven days.


The healing properties of the water kefir

Medicine for the heart – Water kefir showed very good results in the treatment of heart diseases and blood vessels. Effectively regulate blood pressure, and also lowers the level of harmful cholesterol.

Cure for cancer – Perhaps the most important feature of water kefir is its ability to regulate exchange of defense substances in the body, and that boosts producing cells, blood cells, which are our main protector in organism defense. They have an extremely important role in protecting against serious and heavy diseases, such as AIDS and various types of tumors. Tibicos fungi may also stop restoring old metastasis and prevent the creation of new and therefore are excellent supplements in cancer therapy.

Regulation of blood cells – Tibicos and encourages the production of red blood cells and because the water kefir is excellent in the treatment of anemia, replete menstruation and similar problems. In addition, encourages the growth of platelets and is therefore excellent for wound healing. They heal faster, which is very suitable for diabetics. In that the case is important to take care about the amount of sugar in the recipe, and limit to one tablespoon.

Anti-inflammatory effect – This quality fungi also acts and anti-inflammatory, and from some research, creates one type of antibiotic. Therefore, it is good and as treatment inflammatory places in the body, but also as prevention of the same. Also successfully cures bacterial, viral and fungal infections, and is effective in reducing and treatment of various skin diseases. Due to its anti-inflammatory and soothing effect is good and to reduce the symptoms of bee stings, wasp and other insects.

Cleaning the body – Water kefir pure bile ducts, duodenum, and and also dissolves gallstones. Regulates kidney function, control renal pathways and successfully treats suffer from kidney disease or those who are not working at full capacity. Helps removal of harmful substances from the body and is recommended in the treatment of persistent fungi, such as candida, which can inflict a lot of hassle. Also helps removal of excess water from the body.

Regulation of digestion – The infusion of fungus tibicos encourages a healthy, regular digestion and has a beneficial effect after heavy meals. Beneficial effect on the stomach and intestines, cleans them and helps eject residual useless matter.

The cure for impotence and vaginal problems – Research has shown that it can have positive impact on the problems with impotence, whose causes vary from psychological stress, to physiological causes, such as a vitamin deficiency. Very active against vaginal infections of any kind, and after a month on the frequency decreases or disappears altogether.

It reduces stress and fatigue – Water kefir has demonstrated its calming effect with a variety of neurological disorders and psychiatric disorders, the symptoms of which successfully decreases. It helps with insomnia and sleep problems, relieves stress, relaxes the body and nerves and revitalize exhausted body. It also reduces the physical symptoms of stress, such as greasiness and hair fall, fat or dryness, nail brittleness and weakness and similar problems.