10 Secret Kitchen Hacks, Which Only Chefs Know

I love cooking it brings me happiness and personal fulfilment knowing that I can create something appealing to the eye and also to taste.

However, you can get even more joy out of cooking if you apply some tips which top chefs have only now been comfortable revealing.

The reason why these chefs have come out with these tips that they have learnt from seasoned trainers and are tried and tested is because of the frustration a lot of people experience when trying to cook at home, with these tips your life in the kitchen will be made much more comfortable and easier.

1.Boil the water for ice cubes before you freeze them, and they will be crystal clear.

2. Check the age of the eggs and see whether they are still good for consumption:


3. If you love eggs and often cook a lot of them, you should know that this works in the oven, 160 degrees for up to 15 minutes.


4. Roll the lemon before with some pressure on your countertop to easily juice it.


5. You can keep the wine cold and undiluted with some frozen grapes.


 6. This easy and simple trick will help you peel the ginger in a second!


7. Peel the garlic in the following way: Place it in a bowl, shake it well, and you are done!

8. If put in a bag, the ice- cream will be easier to eat with a spoon, as it won’t be frozen and hard.


9. Put a wooden spoon on the cooking pot to prevent the water from boiling over.


10. Place few lemon slices under the grilled fish, and thus enrich its taste!