10 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Fresh Mint

Science today offers a pharmaceutical solution to every ailment, but the very same ailments were treated naturally just a hundred years ago.

Considering all the treatments laboratories offer, it is pretty strange for someone to reach for remedies from their backyard or woods.

Drugs are not that bad, but why would you trust chemicals instead of common plants that grow up in the hills?

Moreover, these have shown to be more effective than over-the-counter medications, plus they come free of side-effects.

Mint in particular, is more powerful that you have ever thought.

1. Irritable bowel syndrome

Is a debilitating ailment that affects your intestinal tract and causes uncontrolled diarrhea or constipation. It comes accompanied with cramping, stomach ache, and bloating. Mint is one of the most effective natural remedies for IBS.

You can use fresh mint to make a nice cup of tea, or you can just add it to your fresh salads, fruit delicacies or soups.

Peppermint enhances digestion and relieves gas pain. OTC gas medication commonly contains peppermint. It helps your body process food faster, and relaxes your intestinal muscles.

2. Chew fresh mint leaves for numerous benefits. Mint is a common ingredient in gums and candies, but it is largely appreciated for its antioxidant content, since it prevents the spreading of cancer.

Use it to prevent and even treat allergy symptoms, and soothe your upset stomach. If you are dealing with GERD, or gastroesophaegal reflux disease, mint may be contraindicated, and thus bring stomach acids back up the esophagus.

3. Tuberculosis is a serious disease of the lungs, and sometimes it may be even deadly. Tuberculosis was not common in developed countries, but HIV affects immunity and disables the body from resisting TB-induced damage.

Inhale peppermint oil to relieve inflammation, and prevent any possible recurrence. Combine fresh mint, honey and vinegar into your favorite fruit juice.

4. You may not know about this, but mint can help you treat acne, prevent pimples, heal existing pimples, and fade nasty acne scars. Crush a few mint leaves, and apply them to your face to fade any blemishes. Combine mint and oats into an effective exfoliating mask.

5. Believe it or not, mint improves memory. According to scientists, fresh mint aids in the treatment of cognitive issues, and it also provides an instant energy boost and alertness. It is up to you to determine which application works best for you. You can chew it fresh or use it to make some tea.

6. Mint is great for cancer patients who receive chemotherapy, and experience nausea. You can use various drugs to deal with your vomiting and nausea, but mint is a lot more effective and pretty cheap. Chew it fresh or add it to your drinks and food.

However, the main benefit of prescription drugs for nausea is the fact that it can be given to an IV when cancer patients cannot keep anything down.

7. Peppermint relieves migraine pain or tension headaches. Crush a few mint leaves to get some of their natural oils and rub it onto your temples and forehead. You can also inhale its scent.

8. Mint has the power to set you free from stress. Fresh peppermint leaves contain oils that provide a cooling and energizing. Rub some of these natural oils onto your body, or use it to ‘enrich’ your warm baths. Here is a fancy tip. Burned mint oil releases pleasant scent that will relax you.

9. Fresh peppermint oil is the best mouthwash, and it protects against cavities. Add crushed peppermint oil to your toothpaste for a whitening effect. You will enjoy your fresh breath.

10. Use mint to relieve cough symptoms and respiratory problems. Crush a few mint leaves and gently rub them onto your chest. You can also add them to your vaporizer. Inhalations also clear congestions.

Going all-natural never goes out of fashion. Wisdom and nature are best friends. Prescription drugs are not the only solution to your problems. Home remedies are a lot safer alternative, and you can even combine them with pharmaceutical products.

However, make sure you consult your doctor before you combine medications and home remedies.