5 Ways To Heal Swollen Joints and Remove The Knuckles in Just 7 Days Without Surgery !

Bunions appear when the tissue or bone at the joint at the bottom of a big toe moves out of the place. Years of abnormal pressure and motion on the joint forces the big toe to bend toward the others,and causes frequently-painful lump on the joint.

Bunions can cause constant and severe pain, in a case when the joint at the base of the big toe carries much of the weight while walking. The shoes can be too painful to wear, because the joint can become so stiff and sore.


It’s estimated that 60% of patients with hallux valgus a member of the family with the same deformation, which makes is a really important hereditary component. An inflammation appears as a result of irritation, when a clinical picture is dominated by pain due to the pressure of shoes. Moreover, patients complain of huge pain, and in some advanced cases comes to a secondary degenerative changes in the middle of the foot or secondary deformation other fingers.

It’s recommendable to clean the body of salt deposits, this way:

  • Every night, pour 300 ml water over 1 tablespoon of minced bay leaf, then cook this in an enameled pot for five minutes.
  • After that, put the mixture in a thermos and leave it till the morning.
  • The next morning, strain and consume in small sips throughthe day (don’t forget not to drink it all at once)
  • You need to do the treatment 3 days in a row, each evening preparing a new fresh beverage.
  • Do the treatment again in 7 days.
  • Don’t be surprised if you have often need to urinate. It is a sign that the salt in your body has begun to dissolve.
  • After about 10 ten days, the result will be felt. The joint pains will disappear, and the ease will be felt through the whole body.
  • This amazing recipe will also help you naturally eliminatethe stones in the bile and convertthem into a sand.
  • The treatment will last 2 months, and the bunions on the feet will completely disappear.

Solution from bay leaves

  • You will need 5 large bay leaves for this recipe. Mince them and then pour 100 ml of 96% alcohol over the leaves. Leave them for 1 week and strain the mixture after that.
  • Before smearing the bunions with the mixture, it is necessary that you soak the feet well in warm water. You should use 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 3 liters of water for that sake.
  • After that, wipe the feet, apply the mixture and put on some cotton socks, then lie down.

Iodine with aspirin is another incredible tool that will help you get rid of painful joints, bunions, and other similar phenomena. Here is the method:

  • Put 5 minced aspirin pills or Andols (200mg) in 10 ml iodine.
  • Stir till the aspirin dissolves in the iodine and come to be colorless.
  • Every night, smear the painful areas with this mixture, such as aching joints, ankles, and other growths. Warm up the painful area overnight.
  • Regular soaps relieve inflammations and pain from deformed knuckles.
  • Grate the soap, put it to the affected area and massage well. Then, rinse and dry, and draw the foil with the iodine.
  • For better results, dip a cotton swab in the Povidone iodine, and above the knuckles draw an iodine network.
  • It’s a network of horizontal and vertical squares or lines, on a distance of 1 cm. Therefore, smeared iodine is finest absorbed.
  • You need to leave the iodine to dry on the skin, and then put on the socks. The course of this treatment is no longer than 30 days.

In cases of “plantar fasciitis” it is also effective to apply a mixture of iodine and lemon juice in the same proportions on bunions.