These 7 Foods Kill Cancer! You Need to Start Eating Them Immediately!

Newest scientific research has proven that 7 foods and beverages can prevent tumor and cancer growth. These foods are rich in nutrients which kill abnormal cancer cells without any side effects, and are known natural anti-carcinogenic agents.

These foods do not stimulate cancer cells, but impede their development. Moreover, the chances that you already consume them are very big. These foods and beverages are blueberries, red wine, tomatoes, turmeric, and black chocolate and green tea. A number of medical experts and scientists have said that these foods are even more powerful than conventional treatments.

Why Are These Foods So Effective?

Angiogenesis is the usual process of creating blood vessels in the body. Moreover, this process is heightened in some life stages, like in newborns. However, angiogenesis is not common during the later life stages, except when there are wounds and it is necessary to restore capillaries or tissue.

The flow of angiogenesis is regulated by activator and inhibitor molecules. The inhibitors are generally predominant. If there is cancer, they stimulate the activators to promote vascular growth, thus producing blood vessels. To add, cancer cells promote their own activators of angiogenesis, thus manipulating the body and making the growth of new blood cells which supply the tumor cells with oxygen and nutrients possible.

These 7 foods have anti-angiogenesis properties, and they stop the blood supply to the tumor cells. These cells need extra blood vessels to supply them with blood and nutrients, thereby their development depends on tumor angiogenesis.

This is the reason there are drugs which inhibit angiogenesis and have a function which is totally different from that of chemo.

Scientists claim that these foods regulate angiogenesis. Moreover, they also prevent the spreading and development of microscopic tumors.

7 Foods Which Inhibit Angiogenesis

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric’s main ingredient is curcumin, which is probably the most potent antioxidant and anticancer agent. A number of studies have confirmed that it hinders the EDGF receptors’ activity, which usually makes the cancer cells to diverge faster. Furthermore, it prevents the creation of inflammatory hormones and enzymes which are responsible for the spread and growth of cancer. Various studies have confirmed turmeric’s anti-cancer properties. It can prevent bone cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and so on.

  1. Tomatoes

According to a study from Harvard University, drinking tomato juice 5 times a month at the minimum can lower the risk of prostate cancer by 50 %. According to medical experts tomatoes can impede angiogenesis because they are rich in lycopene, which is known for its powerful anti-angiogenic properties.

  1. Green Tea and
  2. Coffee

These two beverages are extremely beneficial for stimulating the metabolism, meaning they stimulate the weight loss process. Moreover, they also reduce the risk of developing cancer.

  1. Red Wine

Red wine is rich in a highly powerful antioxidant, resveratrol, which is present in the skin of the grapes. Resveratrol has potent antioxidant properties and can lower the risk of cancer. According to certain scientific studies it can kill fungi, viruses and bacteria, prevent cancer growth, increase the lifespan of animals, eliminate harmful and dangerous free radicals, boost energy production of human cells, increases glucose tolerance, improves concentration and mental function, improves heart function, and repairs damaged DNA. Moreover it prevents damage of cells brought about by nuclear radiation.

Pinot Noir and Bordeaux are the wines which have the highest amount of this potent compound.

  1. Raspberries and Blueberries

Both of these fruits are very powerful and delicious. They are abundant in healthy nutrients and phytochemicals, which are known cancer inhibitors. Blueberries can reduce oxidative stress and can have an effect on angiogenesis. Additionally, they fight and prevent ovarian cancer.

  1. Dark chocolate

Apart from being excellent for your health, dark chocolate improves your mood and fights bad cells.