Anti-Cellulite Homemade Cream – Results Are Visible Within 7 Days!


This cream is rich with ingredients that nourish, moisturize, stimulate and effect your skin from the cellular level, right to the outermost layer.

To help get the most out of your new anti cellulite routine, I’m going to show you how to make a potent homemade cellulite cream. This home made cream is very efficient, cheap, and you can make it in very quick time. It’s completly natural and  the first signs of this anti-cellulite cream should be visible within 7 days.


  • 3 oz / 100 ml baby cream, of your choice
  • 20 drops orange essential oil
  • 3-5 drops cinnamon essential oil

Always use baby cream when making anti-cellulite cream, as it does not contain chemicals or other harmful substances. It has the ideal ratio of moisture and oil. Beauty experts say that citrus essential oil is effective in the fight against cellulite.

Use orange, lemon or other citrus essential oil, the choice is yours…


Put the baby cream in a glass jar and add the orange essential oil and then add the cinnamon essential oil. Mix the ingredients well and let the cream stand still for several hours before you stir it well. Once you are done with this procedure, the cream is ready for use.

Use the cream daily and massage the critical areas of your body. This cream’s shelf life is one month. After that, make another batch.

Let it rest for 8-10 hours before the first application. Stir again, and your magical anti-cellulite cream is ready for use.

Close the jar well after every use. Use the amount you get for 4 weeks, then make another dose.