Be Aware of THIS: These 9 Changes On The Tongue Reveal Almost all Your Diseases

Maybe you do not think too about the tongue, but when your doctor tells you to open your mouth and stick out the tongue, he already gets some basic information about your health looking at the tongue.

Chinese medicine considers that the tongue indicates all diseases of the body. If you are not sure what is happening with the tongue, you might want to visit otorhinolaryngologist.

  1. A thin surface white layer, visible traces of teeth and a few red dots: this appearance of the tongue suggests a lack of energy in the body that causes fatigue, poor appetite and excessive sweating. It is reflected in the mood, but such persons are usually anxious and nervous.
  2. A thin yellow layer in the middle surrounded by the rest of the red surface of the tongue: this refers to the problems with digestion, dehydration and skin diseases. All this manifests itself in the psyche, so people with such a tongue are usually changeable moods.
  3. Mass white layer, swollen edges of the tongue: this refers to the appearance of unbalanced operation of the digestive system and the tendency to accumulate water in the body. People of this situation often feel fatigued and listless.
  4. Black spots on purple surface: pointing to the difficulty of functioning of the circulatory system, so people can have problems with varicose veins, feeling of heaviness in the legs, headache, chest pain and skin dull.
  5. A thin white layer and a red tip of the tongue: this situation reveals that the organism is exposed to constant stress caused by unstable emotional state. The energy in the body is accumulated in the nodes that cause inflammation.
  6. Red tongue with thick yellow layers in the middle of the surface: it is an indicator of elevated body temperature, which indicates a possible urinary tract infection or skin problems. People with such problems are often angry and do not feel comfortable in their body.
  7. A thick white layer on the center of the pale swollen tongue: a look that suggests an infection or inflammation associated with an autoimmune disease, and a lack of vitamins and minerals. Such conditions cause a pale complexion, pain in the spine and the feeling of panic.
  8. Cracks on a red surface of the tongue: suggest a fungal infection in the body, accompanied by night sweats, insomnia and irritations.
  9. Tongue which surface is pale and without deposits: point to reduced blood flow in the body, and anemia, which can cause dizziness and fatigue, and the people of this state are suffering from a lack of concentration and memory. Besides that, such tongue is often a sign of possible hormonal imbalance in woman.