Best Lemon Water Alternatives For Cleanse And Weight Loss

We bet that all of you have heard about what powers lemon has. Lemon water contains high level of vitamin C, which supports hydrochloric acid production in the gut. When the lemon needs to be squeezed especially in the morning we are all too busy and don’t have enough time, but for the ones that are persistent we are offering some lemon water alternatives:

4 Lemon water alternatives

1. Water with Fruits and Herbs: If you want to make a refreshing drink in the morning add some fresh berries and cucumber to water, along with some herbs, such as basil and mint. Also you can prepare this drink at night and put it in the fridge and the drink will be ready to just before going to work or school.

2. Coconut Water: Coconut water is one of the most refreshing drinks that you can try during the summer. Also this drink is great after workout because it contains more potassium compared to any other sports drinks. It is low calorie drink because it doesn’t contain additives and sugar.

3. Iced Tea: We have heard about how beneficial are teas for our health but the thing is that their acts are more effective when they are made at home using natural ingredients , herbs and raw honey. Don’t buy store products because they contain lot of sugar and in them we won’t find any nutritional benefit.

4. Fresh Fruit Juices: Take and juice your favorite fruits and you will get the energy that you need for all day. The enzymes that are present in the juice will help you at digestion and the result will be healthy and glowing skin. Also fresh juices boost your immune system.