Blowing on Your Thumb Has This Effect on Your Body

Even science cannot answer all of the questions about the human body and the vital functions. For example, sore joints can promote the healing of other condition, and vice versa.

However, the positive thing is that there are a couple of tricks that we can use that help clear stuffy nose, soothe sore throat and a number of other conditions as well.

By promoting certain spots, applying some useful tricks and focusing on other things, we can treat the most irritating aches, ailments and stress.

How to Calm a Scratchy Throat

Drinking a cup of hot tea is always a smart choice. Moreover, gargling saline solution can eliminate the pain temporarily. However, what can you do and eliminate the pain for good?

Dr. Schaffer, who is president of a specialty center for ear, nose and throat, says that scratching the ear is what you need to do.

He explains that once the nerves in the ears are stimulated, there is a reflex in the throat and it can lead to a muscle spasm, which soothes the tickle.

Chill the Nerves

You will definitely eliminate stress after doing this simple trick. Just splash some ice-cold water in your face and make sure to hold your breath whilst you are doing that.

Your brain is going to trigger the “mammalian diving relax”, which is going to help the body to make better use of the oxygen, thereby making you calm. According to WebMD, the connection between stress relief and cold water is not something new.

Furthermore, drinking a glass of cold water is also advisable. It is going to have a similar effect.

Use Needles Without Having Any Fear

You need to find a way and think of something else. The needle is powerless. So, the next time you receive an injection, just cough slightly so that you don’t feel the pain. However, make sure to tell the nurse you secret, since they might think the cough is a result of something else.

Clears Stuffy Nose

Stuffy sinuses are a complete nightmare. What you need to do is press your tongue against the roof of your mouth and put pressure on your eyebrows with the help of your index fingers.

This pressure is going to trigger a movement which goes backwards and forwards. This is going to stimulate drainage. Don’t forget to take deep breaths every 20 seconds.

Prevents Burn Scars

Reaching after ice packs after burning yourself is a big mistake. What you need to do is put pressure on the burnt area with the pads of your fingers.

This is going to postpone the restoring of normal temperature in that particular part of the body, and that will prevent the occurrence of blisters later. Your skin is going to heal itself naturally and there won’t be any scars.

Relieves Toothaches Immediately

This trick is very beneficial for people with sensitive teeth. If you feel that your tooth is going to start aching, take an ice pack and place it on the back of your hand. Move it backwards and forwards between your thumb and index finger.

There are nerve pathways in this part of the hand which transmit the pain signal from the hands and face to the brain. Namely, cold temperature is going to block the pain signals.

Eliminate Nervousness

In case you want to calm those butterflies in your stomach, try this trick. What you need to do is blow on your thumb, and you will feel better immediately.

This is going to regulate the breathing and it is going to control the vagus nerve, thereby slowing the heart rate.

Sooth Migraines in Just A Couple of Seconds

This is an ancient technique which is going to soothe your migraine. What you need to do is use your forefinger and thumb and apply pressure on the spot between your index finger and your thumb on the other hand. Massage this point applying mild pressure for about two minutes on each hand.

Circular motions are better and with the help of this ancient technique, you are going to stimulate blood flow and you are going to release any blocked energy.

Watch the following video and find more tricks which will help you eliminate migraine pain immediately!