Boil Bananas Before Bed, Drink the Liquid and You Won’t Believe What Happens to Your Sleep

If you have struggled to fall asleep for at least once in your lifetime, you are aware of the torture caused by insomnia. Namely, all that turning, tossing, staring in the dark, and the fatigue you feel the following day are simply better to be solved on time.

If you have passed to many nights not being able to fall asleep, you should find a solution to your problem as it affects all your abilities and health.

The following tasty tea recipe will help you put an end on all those tiring episodes at night, as it willenhance your sleeping patterns completely.

The reasons for irregular sleeping patterns and insomnia can vary, but in most cases, they include stress, anxiety and depression.

People who are constantly concerned about their loved ones, about work, their children, some illness, or fear of the future, are more susceptible to these issues.

Moreover, insomnia can also be caused by some medications, like blood pressure and heart medicines, painkillers, antihistamines. Namely, certain drugs may initially just make you feel drowsy, and then cause anxiety or frequent bathroom trips.

Furthermore, newest research indicates that even the screens from our laptops and phones affect our sleep, so you should avoid using your phone at least 20 minutes before you go to sleep.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that sleeping pills do not provide any health benefits. The fact that half of all the people in America suffer from insomnia just confirms this. Namely, these drugs just offer short-term effects, but they cannot solve the sleeping disorders.

Banana Tea-recipe

This organic, delicious, banana tea is an extremely helpful sleeping remedy that will help you solve your sleeping disorders.

Namely, bananas, particularly their peels, are abundant in potassium and magnesium, which relax the muscles. Also, magnesium prevents sleep disturbances. However, remember to use 100% organic bananas, as the others may be high in dangerous chemicals.

You will need only 10 minutes to prepare this tea, and you should consume it every night, an hour before you go to sleep:


  • 1 organic banana
  • 1 small pot of water
  • A dash of cinnamon (optional)

You should cut off the ends of the banana, and place it, unpeeled, in the boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes, and strain it using a colander. Pour the resulting liquid into a mug. You can sprinkle some cinnamon over it, to enrich the taste and enjoy it!

This delicious dessert will relax your senses and provide a soothing sensation.