Breaking News: Fake Coke And Sprite Were Manufactured In India!

Fake coke and sprite factory was found underground in India which shocked the whole world, especially the lovers of these drinks.

A lot of people choose sodas over water. Regardless the fact that soda is full of sugar, it tastes so excellent when served ice-cold. But although its addicting sweetness, Coke and a lot of other carbonated drinks are identified not to be fine for the body. Still, people carry on to drink them when thirst comes. Will considering these pictures make a difference?

Various photos of fake Coca-cola production are doing rounds on social media. Many think this is in Kenya but its actually in India.

Coca-cola is the most widely known brand globally and make billions of dollars in profit every year. This is thanks to its unique taste from a patented secret formula which has existed for over 100 years.

Some scammers want to ride on the success and the confidence of this brand and take some of their cash. They manufactured second generation Coca-cola and Sprite. These people collect used bottles and labels. The bottles are then washed and cleaned before filling it with food color and flavoring. The drinks are then ‘pressurized’ by putting gas inside the bottles before being sealed. They are then packed to look like real Coke and Sprite.

This whole process was busted in India and from the pictures we can see that the manufacture was in large amounts.

So this is a warning to all people out there, check out these pictures and next time be very careful when it comes to foods and drinks, or simply avoid these types of unhealthy drinks.

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