Canadian Man Cures Skin Cancer with Hemp Oil


Few years ago Canadian Rick Simpson was suffering from skin cancer, and all the doctors believed that his case is incurable and that he couldn’t be helped. Rick was on edge but still managed to find the strength and move on the fight against this serious disease.

When few years ago he tore mole around the eye, the doctors he used to contact for help diagnose and concluded that he was suffering from skin cancer, and that he can not be helped. At the time, he remembers that he listened to a variety of news about how Hemp oil cured many people who were suffering from some types of cancer. In this time had no choice, nor had anything to lose, so he decided to try this oil.

Rick uses hemp oil to cure cancer and many more diseases

He was putting oil on patches and then put Band-Aids on moles on his skin. To the astonishment to Rick and people close to him, the moles were gone, the skin cleaned, and soon found that the cancer had withdrawn.

Since then, he never returned. He then decided to help and others suffering from cancer and other serious diseases, because as argued so far has cured more than 5,000 people and without any sold oil.

He says he does it because he wants to help people rather than earning from human suffering. He travels around the world, educates people, helps them and gives lectures on the topic of healing using this magical oil.

There is much controversy around this oil, and efforts to legalize in the countries which has not been legal as many people die every day because they can not afford the medicine with which they can be cured permanently. In addition to cancer, Rick argues that hemp oil cures and leukemia, diabetes, arthritis, asthma and various sores, inflammation and many more that would be with some other methods and preparations much more difficult to cure.