Coca-Cola Recalls Dasani Water After Clear Parasite Worm Was Found In Bottles Across U.S.

If you often buy Dasani water, you should know that there has been a massive recall of the bottled water recently due to a parasite found in samples from the Coca-Cola brand! Hundreds of people have ended up in the hospital with symptoms such as rashes, fever, vomiting and bloating.


This comes right after Coca-Cola said that their product is simply purified tap water. In January, the international company admitted that Dasani water is only tap water put in fancy water bottles and sold at an astronomic price! The worst part is that many people believed them!

And, even though most impurities have now been removed from the water, the parasites actually reached many people and caused unpleasant symptoms. The FDA has immediately closed the suspicious facility where the water was being produced, and recommends that you boil the water first before drinking it in order to kill the parasites. Failure to do so can damage your inner organs and breed new generation of the parasites.

  • Celeste Mayer

    I read this was a hoax.

  • Lisa Nuccio Johnston


  • Gary

    Come on people, fact check the sources before posting something like this. If you don’t, there could be legal actions taken against you.