Comfrey Plant for Treatment of Herpes, Hair & More!

Comfrey is a plant that has great medicinal value. It’s low growth and has barbed and coarse leaves. The tree, roots and leaves of comfrey are used to prepare various Ayurvedic and natural herbal medicines. If there are favorable conditions for this plant, like wet soil, partial shade and sunny areas, comfrey can be grown in any backyard. His wide application and health benefits recently made him very popular plant.

Here are a few well-being of comfrey for health. For what is good comfrey and what are its medicinal properties?

1. Relieves pain and inflammation

Romans and Greeks used the leaves of comfrey for healing fractures. The leaves of comfrey have anti-inflammatory properties, which quickly relieves pain. Also cures rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

2. Treatment of surface skin problems

Skin ulcers, burns, cuts, abrasions, and all types of skin irritation can be mitigated by applying grease from comfrey leaves. Astringents made from comfrey leaves also treat superficial wounds and accelerate their healing.


3. Antiseptic

For open wounds can be used paste or juice of comfrey leaves. This prevents accumulation of germs that can infect infested spots. The paste of the leaves of comfrey can also be used for the treatment of diabetic wounds.

4. Cures diseases of the throat

Comfrey leaves are widely used for gargling and rinsing the mouth in the treatment of ulcers in the mouth. Favorable effect on the mucous membrane of the throat, treat cough and sore throat. Comfrey can cure most problems and respiratory diseases.

5. Improves digestion

Herbal tea of ​​comfrey leaves stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, whereby digest food faster and there is no occurrence of problems such as baking the ribs bone, the excess acid and the like. Since it has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, prevents indigestion.

6. Liquid fertilizer

Comfrey enriches compost and makes it more efficient. Comfrey leaves are dried in the crowd with large buckets of water to make way saturated with liquid fertilizer, which has sharp smell, but is very effective because it increases soil fertility.

7. Diaper rash

Fat extract of comfrey leaves effectively treat a very common diaper rash at baby. They are mild and soften baby’s skin. However, since the baby’s skin is very sensitive, please pay attention to fat suits baby or not.

8. Treating Herpes

Vegetable oil from the leaves of comfrey can cure herpes. Hydrates the skin and prevents dryness. Regular use of this oil protects against a variety of skin problems. You need to use it for a long time and have patience if you want to make sure its efficiency.

9. Blessing of hair

Comfrey leaves are used to make masks for your hair; their application to the hair, and tea from them, has a very positive effect. This mask nourishes and softens the hair, making it shiny and soft. Rinse hair tea leaves of comfrey after shampoo can prevent problems such as dandruff and dry and brittle hair.

10. Sick menstruation

Tea leaves of comfrey quickly brings relief from painful menstruation and cramps. However, this is a relative thing, because there is no equal effect in every woman.


Comfrey in various forms has many benefits. Undoubtedly, natural medicine, where many prefer compared to pharmaceutical drugs and other methods of treatment many diseases. However, one should be careful in its application and dosing. It does not exist a unique formula that fits absolutely everyone. Excessive intake of any plants is not recommended.