Do This Apple Detox Once a Month And You Will Feel Great – Procedure

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Every person no matter how healthy and particularly ill should at least once a month perform detox day. How to spend the apple detox day and why? There are many theories and ways that are recommended but we will here suggest a day of detox with the help of apples in different forms.

The cleaning should be primarily due to poor dietary habits that we practice for years thus creating huge amounts of harmful deposits in the digestive system that can also continue to expand and absorb into the body. Apple’s ingredients and primarily pectins will affect your digestion as well as sponges that will enter into your intestines to pick up harmful substances and deposits that are clustered there, and they will be removed in a quick, painless and efficient way.

Here’s how to perform apple detox

For breakfast drink a glass of apple juice without sugar and add half squeezed fresh lemon juice. It would be best to make your own juice from fresh apples using a juicer. If you don’t have juicer you can purchase apple juice from the market with no additives. Drink juice in lukewarm sips rather than all at once. Two or three hours later eat two apples with the peel. At lunchtime drink a tea made from the bark of the apple with addition of two teaspoon honey. One to two hours after that again eat 2-4 apples with the peel. At afternoon drink again a glass of apple juice. For dinner, eat a plate of warm puree of apples (grated apples without peel) with addition of 2 teaspoons of honey.

This completes your detox day especially in digestive system and intestine. During the detox day you should not consume any other type of food or drink other than specified. Apples are probably one of the most digestible foods in general. If you regularly spend the detox day primarily you will recover your digestion. You will regulate your stool either is too lean or too frequent. This method is recommended for all people no matter how healthy they are and will provide the necessary methods of regeneration and cleaning your digestion, blood and whole body.

Method of apples is useful for problems with gout, rheumatism, arthritis, problems and diseases of the liver and kidneys, congestion of blood vessels, cleaning the blood and fat in it and in the treatment of eczema. Method of apples will positively affect your nervous system which is particularly interesting in recent years, acceleration of metabolism and losing weight. Of course, if the method is applied once a month it has a preventive nature of disinfectant, and preferably it is better apply this method every 7-10 days, or as needed. It is important to note that when you consume apples you need to chew them as more and better.

This may not be the only use of the apple for your health. All these and many other health benefits you can have with regular consumption of apples. It is recommended that apples you are using are organic and free of harmful chemicals.

Apples is one of the healthiest and delicious food that man can eat, and the old saying: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is over 150 years old and comes from England, is said with a reason.

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