Doctors Are Shocked: Man Completely Cures His Terminal Lung Cancer with Honey and Herbs

Back in time when Croatian man Ante Kresich was diagnosed with lung cancer the doctors told him he don’t have much time to live. However, despite what doctors were saying Ante had other plans, he turned to traditional medicine consisting of honey and herbs and cured himself against all the odds.

He claims to have documented the whole process of healing, in order to provide solid hope to struggling cancer patients who are seeking unconventional and inexpensive cancer cure that really works. The doctors were shocked by his progress and some encouraged him to proceed doing what he had been doing in order to successfully cure his cancer. Of course, they were dumbfounded by his success.

Kresich explains: “I left the hospital in April, and in the summer I was already a completely different man. When I went to consult my doctors they could not believe that I was still alive, and also they could believed [sic] the results of the examinations that followed”

His close encounter with death has showered him with many blessings and his life has new purpose. Today, he is brimming with energy and confidence in his honey cancer cure. In fact, he consults with people from all over the world who seek him out and are eager to learn about his medicine and how it might benefit them. He also has a new hobby. He’s a bee keeper now.

His personal website:

Kresich’s exact formula remains a mystery, but a woman from nearby Bosnia shared her cancer curing honey ginger recipe.

Honey History and Science

In Tutankhamun’s tomb people found honey that was probably more than 3 000 years old. During the wars, Romans and Greeks used honey to strengthen the organism, and also to heal the wounds. Honey was also used in religious cults, embalming rituals, and for a long time it was a privilege of the elite only, because it was quite expensive.

Ayurveda texts are adamant that only raw honey is medicine. A December 2004 BBC News article, “Honey could help fight cancer”, reported: “A team from the University of Zagreb in Croatia found a range of honey-bee products stopped tumors growing or spreading in tests on mice.”

Cancer tutor admits that honey by itself has cured cancer, but they have discovered it’s more effective when combined with potent spices like ginger, cinnamon, or turmeric. You can review the detailed protocol here.

Remember: Only use real raw, unpasteurized honey and organic non-irradiated spices.

Also here is one amazing story for a woman from Bosnia.

After spending 20 days in intensive care, woman with diagnosed endocrine cancer started using a honey and ginger remedy and just in several day she came back to life when nobody believed she could survive. She continued to treat her cancer without any chemotherapy, and as she says now, her cancer has completely disappeared and she is healthier than ever. She shared her recipe in order to help many other people struggling with this nasty disease.

This is the recipe she used:

  • You need a few larger ginger roots. Grind ginger finely and mix it with 1/2 kg honey. Do not forget that the honey has to be organic and clean, be sure to buy it from a trusted producer.
  • Keep the remedy in jars, and consume a tablespoon 3-4 times a day. It is also important to avoid any contact with metal items, so try to use a wooden or plastic spoon.

It is also important to stay positive, regardless of what your doctor says. Depression is something you do not need, you MUST win this battle with every help you can get.

Now you have honey on your side, and as you can see, it can cure even the most dangerous cancer types – even if you are told that you do not have much time left.