Don’t Throw Away Corn Silk – Here Is How To Make Healthy Natural Tea

Picture: © Marcy Leigh - Flickr

Picture: © Marcy Leigh – Flickr

Corn silk is long used as a natural folk remedy in many countries worldwide. To be healing, corn silk should be cut before pollination. It is dried in the shade and very carefully, over medium heat. It is good at a time when corn is young (milky). The mature, dry and dark is completely harmless and does not contain any medicinal properties.

Corn silk is of great assistance in some diseases. It is a natural remedy, which does not give unwanted, harmful consequences. Fresh corn silk contains essential oil, resin, rubber, alkaloid, which acts to clamp blood vessels, chlorophyll, phosphoric acid, manganese and enough potassium and magnesium. It is good to know that not every corn silk is good. Torn from sprinkled corn with many herbicides and pesticides is not healthy because in the body we inject a certain amount of harmful substances. The best from natural grown corn, far from industrial plants, roads and railways.

How does corn silk helps?

The answer is simple: corn silk in the form of tea is one of the strongest natural diuretics. With the consumption of this tea for 24 hours, the amount of urine disposal is increased several times and without harmful consequences, which is particularly important in those diseases where accumulation of fluid acts detrimental to the whole organism.

It reduces pain (cramps) in the kidney. Also, the disposal of larger amounts of fluid from the body is dumped the excess phosphorus and protein, which significantly reduces rheumatic pains, gout symptoms that are shipped with joint pain. Also, corn silk tea is recommended for people with edema, or to persons who have accumulated swelling and fluid in hollow organs.

One more thing: With water are excreted waste products from the body, so regular consumption of this tea is a real natural remedy for detoxification of the body.

This tea strengthens the blood, improves circulation and liver function. Helps in all diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract during bladder inflammation (cystitis), helps nighttime urination.

You may ask yourself why corn silk tea when you’re completely healthy. Due to expressed diuretic effect, this tea can help when you want to get rid of excess weight (of course with the help of adequate diet and physical exercise). With the help of the tea, your body will rapidly discard all harmful substances.

Preparation of corn silk tea

The preparation of tea is very simple: in a spoonful dried corn silk good pour a cup of hot (not boiled) water, leave a few minutes and strain.

Take one tablespoon hot and unsweetened tea every 2-3 hours. If you don’t like the taste of the tea, you can add lemon juice.

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