Your Face is Covered with SIGNS, Here’s How to Tell What’s Wrong with Your Kidneys, Hormones and Liver

Your face shows symptoms of your overall health. Fresh and glowing skin also tells a lot about your health, not only looks beautiful.

If you are experiencing some skin problems, they may be linked to any health problems. You may not know that the surface of your skin gives much information about your internal health.


Here is what you can learn about your health from this article:

The forehead zone in linked to liver and gallbladder.

Because the forehead is linked to digestion and the nervous system activity, slow digestive system and stress may lead to breakouts in this area.

You need to avoid processed, fatty, and foods loaded with sugar. Consume more vegetables and fruits rich in fiber to boost your system. Also, try yoga and meditation to reduce stress and relax. Additionally, drink dandelion tea or fresh lemon juice in warm water to detox your body.

The right side of the space between your eyebrows is linked to stored emotions in your liver.

Many skin problems, including wrinkling in this area suggest unexpressed anger that has been accumulated in the liver.

Try journaling, counseling, reikin, or yoga to get rid of your anger. Also, minimize your alcohol consumption and foods high in fat because they put pressure on the function of the liver.

The left side of the space between your eyebrows is linked to stored emotions in the spleen.

The present lines in this area suggest unexpressed emotions stored in the spleen.

Once more, try a therapy that can help you get rid of negative emotions with breath work, meditation, journaling, reiki, yoga, or counseling.

The eyes zone is linked to thyroid, intestines, and joints.

Salt and sugar overdose is expressed with lightly-colored ring encircling the iris. Moreover, discoloration in the iris may show malabsorption of the intestines, while white coloring in the iris may show some joint problems.

The best advice is to consume more anti-inflammatory foods, like bone broth, ginger, turmeric, walnuts, flaxseed, and oily fish. Moreover, lower your consumption of caffeine, processed foods, refined salt, and sugar because all of these may cause inflammation.

The zone underneath the eyes is linked to kidneys.

Slow kidney function is expressed by swelling and puffy lower eyelids. Also, dark and puffy bags may indicate the same.

You need to drink plenty of water so your body prevents dehydration, as it avoids the kidneys function at their best. Also, you need enough sleep, minimal stress, and minimal alcohol and coffee consumption.

The cheeks zone is linked to lungs, malabsorption, and sluggish metabolism.

It is not a secret that cheeks have long been known as lung function indicators. Discolored patches on the cheeks may indicate slow metabolism and low nutrients absorption.

Expand you lung capacity with breathing exercises. Boost your metabolism and lung function by increasing cardio exercises. Moreover, it is recommended to chew the food well, consume green tea and eat food rich in antioxidants. This will protect the sensitive skin around the cheeks.

The nose zone is linked to cardiovascular system.

Because it is believed that the nose is related with circulation, skin problems in the nose area may signify problems with the blood pressure.

Consume more heart-healthy foods, such as nuts, cold-pressed olive oil, oily fish, tahini, and avocado. Also, lower your coffee and alcohol consumption.

The lower lip zone is related with the digestive system.

Brown spots in this area may signify problems with indigestion, insufficient digestive enzymes, parasite overgrowth in the intestines, and the presence of worms. Also, early stages of anemia can be diagnosed by pale colored lips, which is one of the earliest signs.

Consume foods rich in iron, such as red meat, green leafy vegetables, and legumes.

The tongue zone is linked to lungs, and toxin overload.

Abrasion at the outside tongue edges show suboptimal lung function while white buildup circles towards the middle or back area may signify intestinal toxins presence.

Try breathing mediation and cardio exercises to support your lungs function. Also, to eliminate toxins, do a detox. Try a 3-day detox and consume superfood greens, or more detoxifying foods.

The chin zone is linked to hormones and stress.

This is the zone where hormonal imbalances and stressful emotions happen. Breakouts occur around the chin at the menstrual period.

You need to avid unnatural cleaning products and beauty products that contain toxins, which interfere with the endocrine system. For hormone support, try maca powder. Also, try to reduce stress and get enough sleep.

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