This Fact About Watermelons Is Unknown To You: Here Is What One Piece Of Watermelon Daily Can Do To Our Bodies

Many of us know that watermelon is fruit and can be very sweet and though it easily we enter large amounts of liquid inside our organism.

Watermelons, which we treat as fruit, can be found during almost all year in supermarkets but we should eat them strictly in summer from June to August.

Watermelons are refreshing us and provide us precious materials, hydration and detoxification of our body, therefore contribute to better health and slender line.

Watermelon rich with antioxidants

Today people talk a lot about the importance of antioxidants in the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular and many other diseases. It is about the fighting the free radicals and watermelon is one of the best sources of these valuable phyto- nutrients which among them is vitamin C, lycopene and beta carotene. Lycopene is proven to prevent the development of lung cancer, prostate cancer and for protection of heart and blood vessels from damage.

Watermelon benefits:

Watermelon lowers blood pressure – it is rich in amino acid citrulline which in body is converted into amino acid arginine which gives complex processes of metabolism lower blood pressure and relaxes blood vessels.

Besides, watermelon is powerful diuretic and eliminates excess fluid from body (for w few days weight can be reduced by two to three pounds)


Proponents of alternative medicine advise one week long clearance of body with consuming this medicinal fruit.
If this is “too much” for you, carry out at least one- day lasting detoxification treatment. The amount is not limited so you can even eat about 5kg of watermelon daily.

Although watermelon contains large amount of water, that day when you will do the detox you should also drink plain water.

The next day, for breakfast, eat fruit and for lunch brown rice and salad of vegetables with olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Detoxification with watermelon improves kidney function and improves condition of the spine and joints.

Increases libido
To people who have poor libido, watermelon can help a lot. Specifically, it contains phytochemical citruline which relaxes blood vessels and like this it increases libido. In 120g watermelon there is 150mg citruline.

Combining it with other foods

We usually eat watermelon for dessert after meals. So often we blame it for our indigestion but actually the combination of incorrect food is to blame. It should not be consumed with a meal because it contains large amount of water and sugar. Therefore the watermelon should be eaten separately from all foods even from fruit. Its digestion lasts as long as other fruits, about half an hour.

Caution for diabetics!

Although watermelon contains few calories, it has high glycemic index and diabetics are advised to eat it in small amounts or to take it as substitute for dinner. Also, it is recommended that watermelon should be combined with fruit which has a lower glycemic index.

Beware of poisoning

After cutting watermelon, for best keep it in the fridge. Eat it as soon as possible in order to preserve its freshness and prevent poisoning. Wrap the watermelon in foil or cellophane before placing it inside the refrigerator.

For slim figure

Watermelon contains 90% water and has only 30 calories in 100 grams. Thanks to its high content of water, it creates feeling of satiety and reduces the need of other foods. It is an excellent fighter against cellulite.