Facts You Didn’t Know About Dental Implants

In recent years, dental implants have become very popular and effective replacement way of natural teeth that due to illness or injury should be removed. Today’s users of the service, and often doctors themselves, the fact that the first earliest beginnings of dental implants are dating back a thousand years backwards is little known.

The oldest known example, trying to replace teeth, was a six hundred BC years ago in the Mayan civilization. Archaeologists have found skulls and noticed materials such as limestone or jade which were made replacements of natural teeth. Although primitive, many of these implants are very successful tied to the jaw bone. Today, implants are a common surgical procedure that quite successfully replaces the lack of a natural tooth. Dental implants are made in various sizes and different finishes, often replacing a range of teeth, sometimes all teeth. Despite the fact that the implants are present in our daily lives, prejudice still exists. Here we list some of the interesting fact that might change your skeptical attitude about dental implants.


The implants stimulate bone growth

With loss of teeth jaw bone disappears. Dental implants are the only substitute for natural teeth that stimulates jaw bones recovery and their further growth.

Dental impants are not subject to bleeding

Dental implants are not subject to bleeding or debris. It certainly does not mean that the they do not need to take care of regular maintenance of teeth and jaws hygiene. Particularly it is important to maintain gums hygiene that despite dental implants continues to be subject to decay and disease.

Implants are strong as steel

Dental implants are made of titanium. This material is light weight and because of high resistance is even used in the defense industry as well as for development of aircraft. Believe me, dental implants are strong as steel. However, what is the biggest advantage of titanium in dental implants is not power but steel the ability of this material to accept jawbone cells that can easily bind for implant and create a natural environment.

Implants make it easier to chew food

Given the strength they have, dental implants allow for easier chewing food. While natural teeth can not generate power for 22 kilos of weight, using dental implants strength of our bites can be 90 kilograms. Although dental implants, for a long time, are common standard and practice of teeth replacement, it is important to trust your most trusted and most experienced dental clinics in our market. Just so you can avoid unwanted effects of bad implants and have full satisfaction for your money!

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