Fruit for Dinner – Yes or No?

Generally, the fruit is a great choice because through it we can bring a lot of high-quality vitamins and minerals that through other foods may not be able in that measure.

However, there are some guidelines when fruit is best to eat, and when they may still not be the best option. Many even have doubts when fruit is best eaten – whether for breakfast, for brunch, lunch or even dinner. That is why we in this article will give you an answer to that question, and accompanying explanation of why this is so.

Fruit for dinner – a good choice or not?

If you ask us, the fruit is not the best choice for dinner. Why is this so? Because a fruit contains fruit sugar, also known as  fructose and on the evening if you eat has an effect similar to white sugar that makes you fat.

In addition to the fruit you eat late in the evening to have an impact on increase in weight and body fat, it may happen and make it harder to digest and that swell in your intestines during the night and you just create more unnecessary problems.


There are of course people that eating vegetables in the evening and no effect they will not have a significant impact on the deterioration of the lines and the like. But that depends on metabolism of these persons and less of those. Because if not, you should avoid fruit in the evening.

Instead of fruit for dinner, much better choice to eat a light protein from low-fat cheese, or a small piece of white meat with green salad. Also, various types of fish can be a good option for your last meal.

If not for dinner, then eat fruit for?

The best option is to eat fruit on an empty stomach, and it is for breakfast, with the first daily meal or snack that can be a morning or afternoon, depending on the your habits and pace of life.