Get Rid Of Water Retention With These Simple Tricks

Water retention is the greatest culprit for a big jump in your weight. This is a common condition in pregnant women, inactive people, and those who are on meds. This results in swelling and weight gain. The causes are known, thus what you need to do is do these simple changes in routine.

Cause – too much sodium

Foods high in salt cause water retention, especially if you are not drinking enough water to flush it out of your body. Once you consume a lot of salt, your body retains water in order to maintain the natural balance. Diets high in sodium result in water cells enlarged by 20 times.

What is the solution?

Eat less processed foods and consume more natural foods. Avoid any boxed pastas, soups, and canned vegetables that have lots of sodium in them. Opt for fresh or frozen vegetables as well as low-sodium soups and sauces. Replace the traditional table salt with Celtic sea or Himalayan salt because they reduce water retention.

Cause – dehydration

If you don’t’ drink enough water it will fight back in order to make sure you have enough water in the system to survive.

What is the solutions?

Consume at least 8 glasses of water (8oz/240ml) a day to make sure your body functions properly. Other experts argue that you will need to drink water half your weight. You may add fruits and vegetables in your glasses if you find chugging glasses of water hard to do.

Cause – magnesium deficiency

Retention of water may be a symptoms of not enough magnesium in the body. Our bodies use magnesium in all of its processes, thus, when there is not enough of the mineral, the body won’t function properly and will retain water.

What is the solution?

Incorporate foods like nuts, while grains, avocados, dark greens, spinach, and yogurt into your diet as they are high in magnesium and offer many health benefits.

Water retention is an indicator that you needs to make a number of lifestyle changes. Drink lots of water and consume vegetables and fruits to make sure your body functions properly.