Gingivitis – Symptoms and Natural Treatment

Gums are the connective tissue that makes up the base and the support of our teeth. Gingivitis is one of the most common gum disease and in most cases is caused by poor oral hygiene.

On the teeth plaque is created which is full of bacteria that damage the tooth enamel and caries various infections. The main causes of gingivitis are poor diet, smoking and alcohol, or the use of steroids, oral contraceptives and anticancer drugs.

Symptoms of gingivitis

The most common symptoms of gingivitis are red, soft and swollen gums and bleeding when brushing. There may be a pain when chewing and bad breath. Symptoms of this disease are not always easily visible and can be ignored and lead to
serious complications, such tooth loss.

Also, if gingivitis is not treated in time can lead to gum recession, bone loss or to periodontal disease. The initial stage of gingivitis is bleeding when brushing your teeth, then you should immediately start your treatment.


Treatment of gingivitis

There is not a universal remedy for the treatment of gingivitis. In fact, the treatment of this disease is a long process that needs a lot of effort and patience. First of all, needs to improve oral hygiene. The toothbrush you use should be soft and needs to be changed every 2-3 months. Brush your teeth with gentle circular movements and always wash from the root to the top. Also, during the treatment of gum inflammation is recommended to use dental floss and rinse mouth with solution that can destroyed bacteries and disinfect the gums. It is necessary to massage the gums after meals.

In addition, it is important to change the eating habits and to leave alcohol and tobacco because they can only aggravate the inflammation of the gums. To heal your gums your diet should be rich in vitamins and minerals. Of minerals the most important is calcium, because it is essential for the health of teeth and bones. Therefore,it is recommended to eat foods rich in calcium, such as dairy products, eggs, marine fish, cereals and green vegetables.

Also what is important is the adequate intake of vitamin C and bioflavonoids that restore tissue and strengthen the gums. Foods richest in these compounds are blueberries, blackberries, grapes, citrus, soy, red wine and so on. For the health of the gums and even to regenerate tissue is necessary folic acid, which is found in green vegetables, nuts fruits, whole rice and whole grains. In addition to these simple advice and measures to prevent and treat inflammation of the gums, there are certain natural remedies that would be able to help. Something more about natural treatment of gingivitis follows below.

Salt water. The easiest recipe to make a mouthwash is that you take a glass of lukewarm water and add 2 teaspoons of salt. Swish the solution in mouth 2 times a day and the pain caused by inflammation will disappear very quickly.

Lemon. Mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice with a pinch of salt and rub the gums. Inflammation will quickly disappear.

Soda. Baking soda neutralizes the acid in the mouth and protects teeth and gums. First brush your teeth with ordinary toothpaste, and then re-wash with the paste of sodium bicarbonate which was dissolved in water.

Honey. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, honey helps in the treatment of gingivitis. It is recommended that after brushing rub a small amount of honey on the parts affected by gingivits. If you repeat this procedure every day, infection of the gums will disappear very quickly.

Horsetail. For the treatment of gingivitis make liquid of horsetail for the mouth. It is necessary to 1.5 teaspoon crushed dried horsetail to pour 5 dl hot water and let stand for about 30 minutes, and then strain. Add a teaspoon of salt and stir. Use this liquid several times a day, because in this way you will strengthen your gums.

Vinegar, curd and honey. To create this natural remedy for inflammation of the gums it is necessary to in 1 liter of whey pour 1 dl apple cider vinegar and 50 g honey. It is recommended that before each meal drink ½ l of this beverage. Drinking this potion will prevent bleeding gums, which is one of the main symptoms for their infection.

Also, it has been shown that compounds that are found in saliva protects tooth enamel, protect against infection and inflammation of the gums. Due to reduced secretion of saliva mouth become dry, which can be very harmful to dental health. For the amount of saliva in the mouth is normal use oil of evening primrose.