This Is What Happens When You Don’t Shower For 2 Days, #5 Is Awful!

People who are hygiene conscious take a shower 2 times a day, but there are some sluggish people who have aversion towards bathing. And, just like you don’t skip your meals, don’t skip your showers as that can lead to some serious consequences.

  1. You will fall sick if you don’t take a shower because harmful bacteria and germs will activate on the body;
  2. The bacteria and germs then cause infection on the skin;
  3. Moreover, dirt, sweat, and germs will accumulate in the body, making it grubby and unpleasant;
  4. The skin will become flakey because of the bacteria and sweat;
  5. If you skip showers it can cause a bad body smell and make your body stinky.

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