Healthy Breakfast or Not: Muesli

Some period ago, muesli was the favorite food of many athletes, but a lot of rumors appeared as to whether this is a healthy breakfast.

How many times have you asked yourselves whether the muesli put on weight or not? Why you are full after only 100 grams of muesli? The opinions are divided and vary from claims that muesli is a healthy macrobiotic food to claims that this is a group of carbohydrates.


On one hand, muesli with yogurt or milk is an ideal breakfast for those with normal body weight. Depending on the muesli, its content varies. The mixture from cereals combined with coconut, granular fruit, dry fruit, and pumpkin seed is a healthy combination of proteins, fat and carbohydrates. Such a balanced meal gives energy, but also supplies the organism with the needed vitamins and minerals.

 On the other hand, sugar increases its energetic value since muesli contains a large amount of calories. The dried grape is rich in sugar – fructose and glucose which makes it a good energy source, but also source of surplus energy i.e. sugar and fat.

However, its positive sides should be mentioned. Even though they are naturally filled with a lot of valuable nutrients, they are ideal way to provide vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics, and fiber. Furthermore, muesli is recommended for prevention and therapy of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and digestion problems.


In order to enjoy in the muesli without feeling guilty even though you have surplus kilos, it is important to consume muesli from whole seed and without sugar. Moreover, it is important to read the ingredients (decide for one type of cereals) and eat not more than 100 grams per meal if you tend to lose weight.