Healthy and Skinny. Absolute Hit Among the Hollywood Stars: Paleo Diet!

Searching for the best diet,some experts have turned to distant past. The idea that the diet of our ancestors in the Paleolithic, Old Stone age positive model, first launched American physician Walter Vogtlin, and then developed by his colleagues Stanley Boyd Eaton and Melvin Conner.

For maximum popularization of this idea is credited the leading US nutritionist, Professor Loren Kordejn. His book “Paleo diet” (2002) became bestseller, and soon this diet gained a wider following audience.

Professor Kordejn chose this historic period for model because he thinks that food in the past was in harmony with nature, people were taking what nature offered, in the purest form. Then agriculture changed this relationship. In his Paleo diet Kordejn threw away dairy products, refined sugar, grains, rich in gluten and lectins that reduce our resistance to viruses.


He turned to meat, fish, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, nuts. How big supporter of natural dietary he is, confirms that he recommends meat from organically grown animals. His attitude is that food-like diet form our ancestors is in accordance with our genetics. The principles that reflect this attitude in 2013 were the most searched term on Google among diets, and accepted by a large number of celebrities.

Good and bad sides PALEO DIET

– Paleo diet includes fresh foods, as well as organic livestock from which the meat is obtained, so that nutritional additives, pesticides, and other artificial substance are not present in the diet.


After the positive side come the negative ones.

– Because this diet excludes milk and dairy products, low in calcium, and since excludes grains, legumes and potatoes, the proportion of complex carbohydrate hydrate is lower than recommended, and the proportion of animal protein, as and saturated fat is higher than recommended.

An important caution for certain groups of people.

– Nutrition according to these principles is not an important place among the usual diets, because they do not meet the recommendations for proper nutrition of any category of healthy individuals. A diet rich in meat, fish and eggs, is leading to transgression creating of ketone bodies and nitrogen compounds, and from such a feeding program must be excluded kidney patients, children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, as well as all suffering from chronic diseases: the doctor says.