Here’s What Sitting Too Long Does to Your Body

Do you want to live longer? It’s time you stopped sitting for long hours. The latest scientific studies have shown that sitting for long duration on a regular basis can reduce life expectancy. But it is difficult to implement the findings of these studies because most of the work nowadays revolves around computers.

Even other activities can be completed by sitting at the same place – for example using remote control. Our pursuit for comfort has done nothing good but proven to be a health menace in itself.

When you sit at the same place for hours, there is slowing down of electrical activities in the muscles. Similarly, your body enters into a mode of storage. Leading a sedentary lifestyle will minimize your physical strength and capabilities, and affect different aspects of your health.

Here are 10 reasons why extended hours of sitting can kill you faster

1. Increased Risk of Premature Death

The American Journal of Epidemiology published a research that stated that those who spent at least 6 hours a day sitting are 40% more likely to die within a period of 13 years compared to those who spent under 3 hours sitting per day. Males who spent over 6 hours per day are considered have higher risk by up to 18%.

2. Development of Chronic Diseases

Another set of studies conducted in Australia show that those spending long duration in sitting position are highly likely to suffer from chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

3. Thrombosis

Thrombosis is another problem that has been associated with long sitting hours. Blood clots can form and this can cause obstruction in flow of blood.

4. Depression

A sedentary lifestyle also affects our mind. It can not only affect our mood in adverse ways, it could also cause depression. Another set of studies show that the chances of developing depression increased by almost 100% in women who led such a lifestyle, as compared to those who exercise regularly.

5. Cancer

According to a research conducted by Dr. Christine Friedenreich of Alberta Health Services-Cancer Care, Canada, lack of physical activity is one of the causes behind 43,000 patients suffering from colon cancer and 49,000 patients suffering from breast cancer.

6. Weight Problems

Sitting for long hours has also been associated with weight gain. When pressure is applied on your bottom for long duration, there is 50% higher risk of fat forming in those parts.

7. Cardiovascular Health Issues

According to a study conducted by Men’s Health, published in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, it was revealed that those who spent most of their daytime sitting are 54% at higher risk of dying due to heart attack.

8. Diabetes

Spending long hours can cause a wide range of defects related to insulin resistance. It also has an impact on inflammation in the body. This increases the risk of developing diabetes.

9. Obesity

Sitting has been linked to obesity and metabolic syndrome. This happens because it increases LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), plasma triglycerides, and insulin resistance. All this results in pushing up your blood sugar levels. This happens because the fats thus formed cannot be absorbed by our muscles. So all this fat gets deposited and increases our weight.

We have larger muscle groups in the lower part of our body. But when we spend hours sitting down and not using these muscles, our brain receives signals of lack of physical activity. This eventually results in affecting our metabolism.

10. Back Problems

Most people know that sitting for long hours can cause back problems. When you are sitting, it is the lower back that has to bear most of the weight of your body’s top half part. This works as excess strain on the lower back. Even if you sit still in one place, all this irregular force on the back can cause different types of problems in the long term.

The good thing is that you could do a lot to prevent these health hazards caused due to long sitting hours. Make sure to break your sitting every 3 hours by taking 5-minute walks. This will not only help in preventing the damages, it can also help reverse the problems already caused in the arteries of your legs.

You should also perform regular daily chores to ensure that your body is moving in between sittings. Make sure that you stand in between every hour and do some walking around. You should also squat, as Dr. Vernikos claims that it works as advanced form of standing. When you stand and squat, it will help your body generate force against gravity.