How Dried Plums Reduce The Risk Of Colon Cancer

colon cancer

It is estimated that in 2015, 589,430 people will die from cancer, just in the United States. That is a big number. From this number, 50,000 people will die from colon cancer. However, a recent study has shown that by eating dried plums, you will drastically lower the risk of getting colon cancer.

This research was done by Prof. Nancy Turner. Prof. Turner works in Texas A&M University. According to her, dried plums have the ability to maintain the colon microbiota or the gut bacteria. This, in turn, reduces the risk of getting colon cancer.

How dried plums affects colon cancer risk

This cancer develops cause of recurrent inflammation in the intestines. This inflammation is often triggered by the disruptions that can happen in the microbiota. By eating dried plums, you consume phenolic compounds. These compounds give the body antioxidants and these antioxidants reverse the negative effects of oxidative stress caused by free radicals that damage your DNA.

Eating dried plums provide the following benefits:

  • Retention of microbiota in the gut
  • Maintenance of microbial metabolism patterns in the colon
  • Reduced aberrant crypt foci numbers, which are a sign of the development of cancer

Important thing to remember is that eating fresh plums won’t have the same effects as eating dried plums. Dried plums have soluble and insoluble fiber and also contain sorbitol, which can’t be found in the fresh version. This compound is a sugar that cannot be fermented, and this compound increases the levels of healthy microorganisms in the gut, including phenolic compounds.

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