Improves The Potency, Cleanses The Blood And Soothes The Nerves – Parsley


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This vegetable is rich in minerals and vitamins C and A, as well as in the rare B12 vitamin which is crucial for the creation of red blood cells. Petroselinum hortense (parsley) is a great solution for calming your nerves, mitigating pain, decreasing flatulence, and for cleansing the blood. Folk medicine doctors also recommend it as a cure against fever, kidney diseases, urinary tract diseases, diabetes, eye inflammation, stings, and even impotency. Moreover, nibbling parsley helps you remove the unpleasant mouth odor and all parts of this plant are usable- the leaves, the root and the seeds.

It is not a discovery of the contemporary man, since it has been known to ancient Greeks and Romans, who believed that if they nibbled parsley, they could drink a lot of wine without getting drunk. Additionally, the plant transferred from continent to continent, and became an inevitable part of every kitchen. Nowadays, cooks use it because of its pleasant smell and the nice green color which provides a great visual look to every meal.

Parsley’s caloric value is not high, but it is rich in minerals and vitamins which make this plant a high quality, healing ingredient. After blueberry and rod, the parsley leaf contains the highest amount of vitamin C. In fact, 100 grams of parsley contains even 170 milligrams of this vitamin. Moreover, it also has an abundance of provitamin A, B group vitamins, such as the vitamin B12. In regards to the minerals, it is rich in iron, calcium, manganese, and magnesium and copper. The parsley leaves are best consumed fresh, since all of the properties can be used. It is not recommended to dry it or conserve it, but you could freeze it if you want to.

Moreover, since it is not a very “demanding” plant, it can be grown in winter conditions on a closed terrace or even inside the house. Also, the leaves are especially beneficial as means to improve the secretion of harmful substances out of the organism. What’s more, this amazing plant has a big role in improving the circulation and helps with heart problems. Because of the apipol, a substance that causes irritation of the inner organs, it removes any interference in the blood flow. However, it should be noted that this ingredient is mostly present in the essential oil made from the parsley seed and root. Parsley essential oil stimulates the uterus functioning, increases the amount of urine, lowers any urinary tract infections and destroys harmful bacteria.

The parsley can also be used as a spice, having previously chopped and dried the parsley leaves, but the root as well.

Benefits of Parsley vegetable

Solves the problems with swollen and inflammed eyes

Put two spoons of finely chopped parsley leaves in 300 milliliters of water and boil the mixture for two to three minutes. When it cools off, strain it with gauze. Use this tea to rinse your eyes several times per day, and during the nighttime, use it for compresses. For this, you will need six parsley twigs, previously washed. Then, apply the leaves onto your eyes, attach them with gauze and sleep in a darkened room.

Improved urination

Mix parsley leaves, seeds and roots and then chop everything together so that you get five tablespoons of the mixture. Boil the mixture for five minutes in half liter of water. Afterwards, leave it for 20 minutes and then strain it. You need to drink one cup three times per day. Moreover, this tea will mitigate the urine stagnation and leg swellings.

Erectile dysfunction

Mix one mixture of 100 grams of chopped root and 100 grams of parsley seeds. Then, take two teaspoons from the mixture and boil them for 5 minutes in two deciliters of water. After the boiling is done, cover the mixture, leave it for an hour, and then strain it. You can sweeten the mixture with sage or rosemary honey and drink it in the night period, or two to three times per day. Additionally, drink one deciliter of parsley juice in small sips, alongside the parsley tea.

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