Is Breakfast Really That Important?

Start your day right, with a healthy breakfast. Today we can increasingly hear this sentence, and more people are puzzled what it means. The latest research gave some answers to this question.

People who do not have a problem with overweight, for breakfast usually consume fruit, dairy products and grains, like research suggests. Respondents emphasize that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

fruit for breakfast

When it comes to lunch, they often opt for salad with chicken as the main ingredient. As for dinner, their choice is vegetables, whether fresh, cooked or poaching. For which version to choose, the choice is correct.

You should be aware that this type of meal is not a diet, but consists of properly balanced meals according to their composition will provide the body with a handful of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and of course, a sense of satiety.

Online research – Humans healthy habits

Recently, online research topic was conducted  – humans healthy habits. The focus was on individuals who claimed to be healthy and properly fed. They all met the requirements that were needed to be able to participate in this research. It was understood to be healthy, not obese, and their body mass index to be 21.7 on average.

Asked what they eat for breakfast, most of them said it was a piece of fruit (51 percent), milk and dairy products (41 percent) and cereals (33 percent).

These studies have shown that people who do not have a problem with excess weight almost never skip breakfast. This meal for them is the most important meal of the day.

Extremely important respondents listed and fruit snacks. They provide the required energy and maintain blood sugar levels.

It is important to note that the majority of respondents were physically active and were engaged in some kind of recreation.