Just By Drinking Only One Glass Of This You’ll Get Rid Of The Mucus From Your Lungs And Your Immune System Will Recover

This simple homemade drink will help you in recovering the immunity of your children and will ease their cough.

If your children cough a lot and you can hear a wheezing while they cough, then give them this drink and help them to recover. You will eliminate the mucus and improve their health.

You will need:

• Cup of oats
• Water
• Honey


Rinse the oats with water and mix them with 1 glass of water and 1 glass of honey. The glass should be 100 ml. Boil the mixture for few minutes and for best results leave it overnight. Then strain the drink and put it in a glass bottle. You should keep the mixture in refrigerator. This drink will last you 4 to 5 days.

How to use the drink:

Your kid should drink 30 ml. of the mixture on empty stomach. The procedure needs to last 40 days. After a 15 days break, repeat for another 40 days. The immune system will be recovered and your kid will feel healthy.

Do not skip days and really stick to it for 40 days. One this procedure is completely done then there is no need to do it again, since you kid will not be prone to viruses and infections.