Did You Know that Using a Potato you can Light a Room for a Month ?! – VIDEO

A team of researchers who were trying to find alternative power sources discovered that potatoes are a great source of energy. Potatoes that were cooked for 8 minutes can produce 10 times more power than regular batteries.

Haim Rabinovitch, a professor of science and agriculture, and his team discovered a revolutionary new way to produce electric energy. They took potato slices, placed them between a copper cathode and a zinc anode, connected them with a wire and discovered that this design can be used to light up a room with LED lights for up to 40 days.

They were able to demonstrate that potatoes can power up electronic devices with the tenth of a price of regular AA batteries.

This is an extraordinary discovery if we take into account some general facts about potatoes.

Firstly, they can grow almost anywhere, in every climate and during every season.

Secondly, the world abounds in potatoes; there is never a shortage of potatoes.

Lastly, we need to remember that potatoes are not a source of energy. They are merely providing energy by acting as a bridge between all the metal. They enable the electrons to travel across the wire, thus creating electricity.

And the best thing is that potatoes are rich in starch which enables them to be stored for months without becoming an insect target.