Light Your Room For A Whole Month By Using A Potato!!!

The vast majority of people can’t imagine living a life without access to electricity. Unfortunately, there are parts of the world where people still can’t use this type of power because they live in isolated places. They are usually using batteries to get power or candles as lighting option. However, there is another way to create lighting in any place and this solution will certainly amaze you.

A scientific research conducted not while ago has shown that if you cook potatoes for eight minutes, you’ll be able to get energy sufficient to light a room.

This experiment was led by Haim Rabinovitch, a professor of agriculture and science. He decided to use a few slices of ordinary potato, zinc anode, copper cathode and wire to prove his theory.

So, he put the potato slices right between the anode and cathode and established a connection with the help of the wire. The final result was incredible – these simple elements can create light for a room (with the help of LED lights) for at least 40 days!

This is a breakthrough that will be analyzed and checked, but this is not a simple scientific success, many people that live in underdeveloped countries or in very isolated parts of the world can now improve the quality of their lives.

There are many people who are wondering whether potato is the only vegetable that can be used for this purpose.

The fact is that there are two things related to potatoes that make them special. First and foremost, potatoes can thrive in almost any climate. Second, the yield is great too.

So, in this test, the potato is not a basic source of energy – it serves just as connection between the aforementioned metals. Potatoes give the electrons a chance to circulate with the help of the wire and create electricity.