Lose 4 Kilos in 7 Days with Fruit Help

This diet quickly leads to fit body line, especially if it is used low fat fruit which currently has in abundance. If you need to lose some extra pounds very quickly this is the solution.

But fruit diet is very restrictive and should not be kept longer than a week because it can cause a range of health problems. Instead of following a fruit diet for a long time, during the week you can separate one or two days for CLEANING the organism. Fruit diet that includes fruits, nuts and seeds can lead to significant weight loss, depending on what fruit you eat and in what quantities. That is an excellent diet for weight loss and detoxification, because fruit is low in calories and high amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. However, fruit diet can cause serious loss of important nutrients, unless if efforts are made to get enough protein in the diet. It is recommended that this diet is kept no longer than seven days.

The fruits are poor in protein, so if you decide to use this menu based exclusively on fruits, can lead to loss of muscle mass, and the muscles are largest consumers of calories so each gram of muscle fibers is valuable for preserving slim. How much weight you can lose with fruit depends on the diet caloric intake. That depends on what fruit you eat and in what quantities. Avocados, for example, contains 160 calories, nuts even 400 in 100 grams.


Fruit diet that would contain greater amounts of fatty fruits and nuts would not have brought do any weight loss while eating a low-calorie fruits such as apples, melons or berries can come to do a dramatic weight loss. In fact, if you do not enter protein (essential amino acids) futile you will lose weight using the fruit diet, but already after few weeks you will gain your weight back.

Healthy fruit diet, therefore, by no means implies that you should be eating only fruit whole day. Extreme weight loss may not be the only effect that we can bring such a restrictive diet, but might occur and symptoms of lack of protein and essential fatty acids, and can lead to deficiency of calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins A and B, especially A lack of B12.

Many nutritionists notes that prior to the beginning of the fruit diet is very important to know that you should eat certain level of calories in order to maintain good health.

– The number of necessary calories per person will vary from one person to  another, because everything depends on your regular daily activities, work and lifestyle, but all below 1,000-1,200 calories per day is a little bit. A diet rich in fruits do not
provides enough calories. In 100 grams of fruit has an average of 40-50 calories and about ten grams of sugar, which is not very healthy.

Instead of exaggerating the fruit, it is better to eat two or three fruit snacks during the day or one fruit meal, i.e a maximum of about a kilogram of fruit per day. For lunch you can eat vegetables in combination with meat or eggs and some cereals for breakfast or dinner or a combination of grains and vegetables or vegetable salad and cheese. Such a balanced diet is much healthier and has a longer-term results.

Keep this diet for no longer than 7 days

Greatest weight loss comes after the third day, and after seven days you can lose four kilos. On the advice of a nutritionist do not keep the diet for more than a week and try to enter every day more than 1,200 calories, which is an essential prerequisite for a healthy diet.

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