Man Diagnosed With Eye Cancer Because Of Doing This At Night !

A 40-year old man was recently told by his doctor that he had pink eye which unfortunately wasn’t the case. It was later discovered that he had eye cancer.


Many studies show that mobile phone can be very dangerous for our eyes. The light coming from the screen can damage the retina and negatively affect our eyesight. This is especially true if we regularly use our smartphones in low light settings. The light shines directly into our eyes, making them dry and causing eye cancer or even blindness!

This unfortunate man went to his doctor complaining about bad vision and redness in his eyes. When he explained to his doctor that he regularly uses his smartphone before going to bed, his doctor said that this was probably what caused his eye cancer. To make matters even worse, not even his doctor could do anything to help him.

Modern medicine has yet to discover a standard procedure for retinal replacement, and until then we need to be more careful with our smartphones.

  • Steve Dupere

    Start by putting drops of colloidal silver in the eyes. Get on laetrile (B17), cannabis oil and MGN-3.

  • Carol Edmonds

    Nobody should take their smartphone to bed at night. Start weaning yourself of the habit by leaving it in another room before turning in for the night.