A Miner Buried Underground For 17 Years Was Found Alive – You Will Not Believe How He Survived!

17 years ago Dzhinjang, a province in west China, was hit by an earthquake of 7.8 on the Richter scale. A mine in the area was also severely damaged in the earthquake, killing and trapping 118 miners inside. This part of the mine has been closed since then.

However, a group of miners from the same province was digging in the abandoned part of the mine when they accidentally found a miner that has remained trapped inside for 17 years.

The rescued miner, Cheung Wai, 59, was in a very bad condition. He was immediately transferred to the nearest hospital, where doctors will assess his physical and mental state.

It’s real fortune that Cheung was able to survive for so long. When the earthquake hit the region, the wooden structures that held the mine tunnel cracked trapping 118 miners inside, all of whom died except for Cheung. The only reason why he has survived was a ventilation hole, which was his only supply of fresh air.

Another thing that helped him survive was eating lots of rice and water as these food reserves are always left in mines in case of such situations. The trapped miner also ate rats and moss.

This remains a unique case of a man being able to survive for so long in such terrible conditions.

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