DANDELION OIL: Removes The Pain Due To Cystic, Painful And Swollen Breasts

Dandelion oil

Dandelion is one of the most healing herbs of our regions; all its parts can be used for healing. Its young leaves are a great spring detoxification salad i.e. regulate the metabolism i.e. clean the blood and stomach. The folk medicine recommends them against diabetes.

The dandelion root has the biggest healing effect. It detoxifies the liver and with this it enables a support for the entire organism. Drinking tea from dandelion root can heal hepatitis B in 6 weeks.

These are some of its leaves’ benefits:

  • Contain antioxidants
  • Cure pain
  • Cure stomach cramps
  • Lower depression
  • Contain Helen which improves night vision
  • Contains vitamin A and B12

In our regions, the dandelion flowers are used for a preparation of well known syrup against cough. But, for example, in the Korean folk medicine, the flowers are also used to treat ulcers, infections, tuberculosis, and eczema and improve the circulation.

The best oil for cystic, swollen and painful breasts

In America, the oil from dandelion flowers is exceptionally praised since it can cure arthritis pain, gout ache, swollen breast, joint ache, etc. Although in the Balkans region, its production is not so frequent; the dandelion oil is always a good thing to have since it has a strong relaxing and analgesic effect. Moreover, it relieves your pain, the back pain, sinuses headaches, stiff neck and skin impurities.

The flowers have a special effect on the breasts. A regular use of this oil deeply relaxes the tissue in the breasts. When it is regularly applied onto the breasts, the oil gives a better feeling of well being and strengthens the immunity and prevents cancer.

Breast pain or sensitivity before a period, cysts, fibromas, and mastopathy are frequent conditions from which numerous women around the world suffer from. As one of the main culprits for the appearance of these diseases is the stress to which we are more and more exposed each day. Breast pain is often caused by cysts- bags filled with liquid which change their shape and size during the menstrual cycle. They are soft and movable when you touch them, but if they are heavily filled with water, they may be hard when you touch them.

When the oil from dandelion leaves is combined with the root it can help with smaller infections, relieve swollen milk glands and lower the number of cysts in the breasts. The leaves of the dandelion flowers contain lecithin whose topical application helps with psoriasis. The oil from the flowers of dandelion can be used for body massage and for lowering the tension in the entire body. It is pleasant for treating cats since it is mild and does not contain salicylates which can damage them.

Recipe for dandelion oil

You will need:

  • Dandelion flowers
  • Quality cold pressed linen oil (almonds, apricots, macadamia, and olive, sesame or grape seed oil)

Fill half to two thirds of a little jar with flowers and cover the leaves with oil until the top. Mix the ingredients so that bubbles of air go out. Apply gauze on the top of the jar and tie it with a rubber band. Leave the jar on a warm sunny place for two weeks or until the flowers become brownish. After that, strain the oil in a sterilized dark bottle. Keep the oil in a dark cold place.

 If it is too long for you to wait 2 weeks, you can prepare the oil in another way. Fill two thirds of the jar with flowers and add the chosen oil. Put the flowers and oil in a vessel with double bottom and heat it up on the slowest temperature around 30 to 60 minutes. The oil must not be too hot since you need to avoid boiling of the flowers. If you can keep up the lowest temperature for a longer period, then the medicine will be much stronger. Put the mixture back into the jar and leave it for one day on the sun and then strain it. Although this is a quick recipe, it is recommended to do this slowly.


When the oil is prepared, massage it onto the painful spot, several times per day.