Mistletoe tea: Excellent Prevention of Heart Attack and Stroke

Who does not know the plant. Mistletoe (Viscum album) is semiparasitic plant, lives by deciduous trees, fir and pine and it’s precious medicinal plant. Mistletoe is miraculous plant used for ancient healing by our ancestors (eg. Hexenbesen = broom witch in German). Some other names are: mistletoe ordinary, mistletoe, visco, whiskey, Hmelina, glue.
Mistletoe is a mysterious plant. Druids, the Celtic priests, considered it for sacred plant, a therapeutic plant that can remove all problems. The ancient herbalists used it as a great and safe effective treatment of epilepsy.

Mistletoe tea – therapeutic use

Mistletoe has a very positive effect on all the glands, and is an excellent tool for the correction of metabolism. At the same time its effect on the pancreas is good, that after longer a drinking of mistletoe tea the cause of diabetes disappear. It is the people who suffer from chronic problems with metabolism, had to try once again to properly take tea for at least half a year. If there is a disruption in the functioning of hormones, mistletoe is excellent help. In this case it you should drink daily at least two cups of tea, always in the morning and evening.


Mistletoe is an excellent remedy for hardening of blood vessels and is highly appreciated and recommended in case of stroke which rarely occurs if previously mistletoe tea is consumed. If there has already been a stroke, then six weeks drink three cups of tea a day, then three weeks two cups daily and two weeks after a cup of tea daily, always before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tea from mistletoe is also used as an anti-bleeding preventive. When you are bleeding from the nose prepare cold tea and executed (retract) through your nose, if drunk helps with bleeding in the intestines, diseases of typhoid or dysentery.
Mistletoe is best for the heart and circulatory system. In severe disturbances in the circulation is good to always drink mistletoe tea.

That mistletoe contains substances that normalize all the functions in the body, it seems unthinkable, because it lowers high blood pressure and low blood pressure raises. This restless heart calm and strengthen his work. All the side effects associated with abnormal blood pressure, such as congestion of the head, dizziness, tinnitus, vision problems disappear. At the same time works against all heart problems, so that we can say, that is a necessary accessory for all disorders of the heart and circulatory system.

Nowadays with the fast pace of life, which before all the people set the highest demands and leads them into big time fix, we really need such assistant. Three cups of tea a day taken in the form of so-called cold preparation which should drink small sips throughout the day to normalize the work of your heart and blood circulation, thus certainly menopause, and increase your performance. As a rule, everyone should at least once a year to spend six-week with tea, three weeks to drink three cups of tea a day, for two weeks two cups a day and week one cup of tea a day. Circulation and blood pressure in those six weeks will improve. In order to constantly maintain the good condition it would be good all year round every morning to drink one cup of mistletoe tea.

And women have to drink mistletoe tea. Normalized circulation favors calming abdominal pain and menstrual disturbances. When menopausal symptoms with systolic heart, hot flushes, feelings of anxiety and difficult breathing it should be drunk several years in succession. Difficulties are completely lost and simply you will no longer feel that you are in menopause. Fresh mistletoe juice can remove and infertility in women. White mistletoe well washed and still wet put in a juicer and squeeze out the juice. 25 drops of juice we take with a little water and drink on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast and at night before bed. The droplets also we can get at the pharmacy.