Mix Himalayan Pink Salt And Olive Oil And See What Happens To Your Body

When most of the people experience some health problem of any kind, they quickly go to the drug store and buy prescription medications. This is not always a good idea because medications very often come with a variety of side effects.

This is one of the reasons why you should use natural alternatives. Indeed they will provide you the same effect as the pill, sometimes they can bring you even better effect and of course they don’t cause harmful side effects.

There is one condition called osteochondrosis, which is very painful and frustrating and can be treated with this natural effective home remedy. It is simple and easy to prepare, you need just to follow its simple instructions.

Mix Himalayan pink salt and Olive oil and see what happens to your body


-10 tablespoons of Himalayan pink salt

-20 tablespoons of cold pressed Olive oil (or Sunflower oil)


Mix both ingredients in a glass container. Seal the container next and leave it for 2 days. After 2 days this natural remedy is ready for use.

How to use it:

Apply this remedy on the affected area in the morning after waking up immediately. Rub the remedy on your skin.

Note: Start with 2 to  3 minutes and then slowly increase the time. 20 minutes are more than enough for this massage. After finishing, wipe off the area with a damp towel.

Also, you can apply baby powder on the skin for reducing the unpleasant feeling that may appear due to the possibility of slight irritation.

The results, in the end, will amaze you. This remedy after 10 days will stimulate your circulation and muscle regeneration in your cartilage and bone tissues. The changes will appear in just 8 to 10 days.

Your headaches will be definitely gone after using this remedy and proper blood flow and great vision will follow as well.

Your metabolism will be in the great state and you will be free of toxins. After the massage, there is also a possibility of dizziness but it is worth it.

As we previously said, we will repeat again, this treatment has no side effects. It is definitely recommended to people who are suffering from headaches or other mentioned problems.