This Is How Much Walking You REALLY Need To Lose Weight?

The most comfortable form of exercising these days probably is the walking. The walking is very useful and everyone loves it and understand how to the get the walking principles to lose weight.

Particularly, within five months of walking, you can lose 20 pounds and more just by walking, without the need to put yourself into special diets or without visiting the gym. You can improve the health and shape up the muscles while lowering your weight and inches from your body. Is the walking a miracle we were waiting for? If it is, let’s walk!


There are two factors that can affect the calories that are burnt while walking. These are the walking place and body weight. As an example, you can burn 400 calories in one hour, if you are walking with an average speed of 4 miles an hour.

You can moderate the program, you don’t have to walk just 4 miles per day, but you might walk three extra miles and burn 300 calories more than same day.

Also, you need to adapt the walking with your everyday activities, and you might walk even shorter distance. You can use a pedometer that will assist you to burn many calories while walking.

You will see that this is the most easiest and practical way to lower the weight without any special diet.


Start with the stimulus and it will aid the chances to achieve the desired results.

The American Medical Association advices to use the pedometer for better and efficient weight loss control. The pedometer is supportive accessory that has many beneficial properties. You will need to wear the pedometer near to the hip area, because it doesn’t weight at all. One of its best advantages is that the pedometer can tell you how many steps you are taking.

You should buy some wrist band or pedometer that will monitor the exercising every day and even the smallest progress will encourage you to lower the weight through walking.

If you have more sophisticated pedometer you will be able to see how many calories you have burned and check the number of pounds that you have lowered. This useful information will help you to get the picture of what you have achieved.