Natural Home Remedy for Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Until the advent of high cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, due to the presence of bad habits that are often associated.

First of all such habits are poor diet, which includes generously frequent consumption of fatty spicy foods and avoiding healthy, fresh and natural foods, reduced physical and mental activity and reduced level of their own healthcare. As result of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, there are many health problems, some of which may end up with fatal outcome.

Therefore, worry about your health at time, a fight with cholesterol and triglycerides seriously.

What are actually the cholesterol and triglycerides?

Cholesterol and triglycerides are among the biggest enemies of your health and yourselves because as present in your life can greatly impair the quality and length of life. Cholesterol is a special form of lipids, or fats that are present in your body and that to some extent it and naturally, that is, regardless of types and forms of food produced and are necessary in a certain sense for functioning of the cells.

However, when the level of cholesterol in the body climb higher than required, there is a problem, and it happens exactly when this is due to poor diet, reduced physical and mental activity and general neglect of health. Triglycerides are three types of fatty acids, which are linked by three hydroxide groups of glycerol. In other words, triglycerides are the leading fat ingredient from vegetable and animal origin.

Cholesterol and triglycerides

What symptoms manifest excess of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood?

As already mentioned in the previous section, the excess cholesterol and triglyceride levels, manifested by decline of general health and overall health status of your body. In particular, there is a congestion of blood vessels and the difficulty and lack of blood through the body. Therefore, reduces the blood supply to organs and their supply of oxygen, causing a death of viable cells and to losing quality and intensity of vital functions.

It is further manifested mainly through damage to blood vessel walls, or atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, but also through the disorder of the heart such as most fatal outcome may give the emergence of a heart attack. It may also lead to appearance of other forms of health problems, among which are included problems with concentration and memory, Alzheimer’s disease and the like.

The natural cure for high cholesterol and triglycerides

Fortunately, with elevated levels of cholesterol and triglycerides can fight it naturally. What is extremely important, is that the fight started in the right moment, and while still not present the evident consequences of elevated values ​​of these elements. Therefore, you should regularly eat honey and honey-based products. Honey is one of the most effective natural allies with which it is worth to join in this fight. You need to eat up to one hundred grams of honey and honey products daily.

However, keep in mind that you should’t eat honey if you are diabetic or if you have diabetes.

Also, a natural remedy for high cholesterol and triglycerides is garlic. White garlic suppress and neutralize cholesterol levels.
In addition to honey, honey products and garlic, it is recommended that you use more natural, fresh fruit and vegetables in the diet, to drink more water, but also to be physically and mentally active. In this way, will burn the excess fat that you have entered into the body and prevents the occurrence of excess cholesterol and triglycerides. When it comes to natural and fresh ingredients that are effective in this fight, it is inevitable to mention the celery and lemon. The combination of these two foods is fantastic and as efficiently regulates blood cholesterol and triglycerides. Similarly, working and green tea. More about green tea, read here.

These natural remedies against high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, should be consumed daily and the best randomly and combined. For example, every day, drink lemonade or green tea, and eat honey and garlic. For you not to feel uncomfortable after eating garlic, we recommend use garlic powder which has the same effective action and role.

In case of high cholesterol and triglyceride levels and the use of natural drugs that we have suggested, be sure to regularly check the blood count and see your doctor. The doctor will take care of detailed inspection and maintenance of your health.