Never Light These Candles In Your Home No Matter What – Here’s Why

No one can deny the pleasant atmosphere scented candles provide in the home.

They simply fill the room with a delightful, relaxing aroma which calms and enrich the warm ambiance. The enjoyable and soothing experience due to the sweet aroma and soft glow of these scented candles is a real treasure!

Yet, these aromatic candles apparently hide some terrible dangers under the mask of the pleasant scented.

In an interview, Meghan Budden, a woman who also enjoys the effects of these candles, especially during the holidays, shared her own experience. Meghan lit two big fragrant candles one morning and left her Hoboken apartment as usually.  She remembers:

“I didn’t think anything of it, I had them burning probably six or seven hours.”

She wasn’t worried about leaving the candles lit at home, at least not until the next morning, when she found black spots on the inside of her nose. This young mother had another, even worst, surprise when she picked up her baby:

“I picked up the baby to feed him and noticed that the inside of his nostril — it was all black.”

The mother suctioned the nose of her child and tried to rinse it with saline. The picture was actually snapped after she cleaned the nostrils of her infant!

This shocking discovery made Meghan read the label of the candle and immediately realized the connection!  Yet, she could have never assumed that the fragrant, innocently-looking candles can be such a threat!

Actually, while inhaling the delicious aromas of these candles, we can often inhale harmful toxins and chemicals!

Paraffin is a petroleum waste product, which is used to produce paraffin wax, commonly used in many candles. These candles, when burned, emit toxins which are considered to be as harmful as the toxins associated with second-hand smoke.

These are the same toxins found in the fumes of diesel fuel. The artificial scents are added for the aroma, so during the burning process, it leads to the release of additional chemicals.

Furthermore, the wick of the candles is harmful as well. A long time ago, candles’ wicks were made of lead, which is extremely harmful and toxic. Yet, the use of these lead wicks was banned in 2003, due to the severe side-effects.

Also, there are several things you can do in order to ensure the safety of your candles, apart from checking their ingredients. First of all, avoid burning them in a breezy area as that can lead to a more billowy flame.

Also, keep your wick trimmed to 1/8th of an inch and burn them only for the recommended amount of time. Remember to extinguish the candles as soon as you notice soot markings on them.

Yet, you should not forget about scented candles yet, as there are perfectly safe, natural, non-toxic alternatives you can use.

For instance, you can try the orange, clove, and cinnamon potpourri in the slow cooker by the Novice Chef.  The soul-warming scent will fill your home, and you will definitely not endanger your health.

Also, we suggest the scenty scoop of Julie Blanner, which is a homemade potpourri comprised of cinnamon sticks, baked apple and orange slices, and cloves.

If you prefer a room spray, you can try the natural room spray recipe by Wellness Mama.

Yet, if you still decide to use some of the candle-burning ways, always check the label in order to ensure that they do not contain toxic ingredients, and burn them as instructed.

Even though we simply love the delicious, scented candles, we need to use them carefully in order not to endanger the health of our family.

Namely, despite their amazing, sweet aroma, they can contain dangerous chemicals, toxins, and artificial ingredients, so make sure you always choose some healthier alternatives.

Also, watch out the full candle-scare news story: