Here Is What They Do Not Tell You About The Hidden Hazards Of Microwaves

Microwaves ovens are used for meal preparation by 90% of American homes.

These ovens use technology that provides electromagnetic waves through your food, thus exciting the molecules then causing them to heat up and move as they actually respond to the microwave radiation.

Microwaves represent electromagnetic energy that makes structural damage of the molecules of the food.

The study that was conducted by Dr. Hans Hertel (food scientist) included people who lived in a same controlled environment and consumed raw foods, conventionally microwaved foods and cooked foods.  Significant changes were shown in the blood tests after each meal.

The Swiss scientist that conducted the study states:

There are no cells, molecules, or atoms of any organic system able to withstand such a destructive and violent power.

The Stanford University has shown that “microwaving human milk” destroys some of its crucial disease-fighting capabilities.

There was a case in Oklahoma hospital in 1992 where man died from receiving blood that was actually warmed up in a microwave.

Because of their extremely harmful effect on the human wellbeing and health, microwaves were banned in 1976 in Russia.

  • Very short exposure of frozen, cooked or raw vegetables convert their alkaloids into carcinogens.
  • Thawing frozen fruits convert their galactoside and glucoside into carcinogen substances.
  • Cereal grains and microwaved milk convert the amino acids into carcinogens.
  • The consumption of microwaved food causes decrease of intelligence, emotional instability and loss of concentration and memory.
  • Permanent ingestion of this food also causes deficiencies of the immunity through serum alterations and lymph gland.
  • Cancerous cells are increasing in the human blood after prolonged consuming of microwaved foods.
  • Intestinal and stomach cancerous growths are often caused by microwaved foods. This can also explain the connection between increased rate of colon cancer in the US and the microwaved foods.
  • The human body gets no benefit or just a little from this food because the nutrients, vitamins and minerals are totally reduced or altered.
  • Permanent brain damage can be also caused by eating microwaved foods!

In 1992, Raum & Zelt published the following:

There many transformation into toxic forms while you are heating the food the microwaves. Many scientific studies have found disturbing and significant changes in the blood of people who consume microwaved vegetables and milk. Changes in the blood is the first thing that you will experience after the first consumption of microwaved foods. Cholesterol levels and white cells will increase where hemoglobin levels will decrease. All these statements and facts were proved by many scientific studies!

Microwaves ovens weaken our body and kill the goodness in our food. Do not hesitate and get rid of your microwave oven immediately!

Here is the Swiss and Russian study.

Here is the Valentine Report of the Swiss study.