Powerful Facial Massage That Will Help You Look Younger In Just 2 Weeks

All the people want to slow the aging process or to look younger. The market is full of moisturizers that are filled with cancer causing and harmful chemicals because skin care manufacturers know this.

However, only a few people try to defy aging with natural methods without any side effect.

Tanaka massage is one of these methods. Yukuko Tanaka is the woman who invented this powerful method.

This massage only requires your two hands. If you also like to moisturize your skin at the same time, you can use almond, olive or coconut oil.

How Does It Work?

By facilitating proper lymph drainage is one of the ways this massage works. Tanaka massage also eliminates wrinkling, sagging, droopiness and contours the skin.

You can easily fit Tanaka massage into your day because it takes no more than 5 min. It can be done when you need to take a break to de-stress or at the office.

Watch the video below and see how it is done!