Press These Spots And Remove The Pain, Anxiety And More In Just 5 Minutes

Acupressure is a therapeutic healing technique which works by applying pressure on certain points on the hands, face, the structures of the ear, and the soles of the feet.

According to Chinese doctors, these points are associated to the inside of our body through arteries, nerves, veins, and vital channels. So, actually, when you apply pressure to these points, you have an impact on the other body parts, including the inside vital organs.


Acupressure will help you relieve pain immediately. Now, you can forget about using medicines, and the next time you experience a headache, or stomachache you can try this amazing healing technique and see its benefits.

Keep reading in order to find out more about the pressing points.

1.The face

You can massage this pressure when experiencing pain lower back pain or awaken people who have fainted. This point can be found in the middle of the nose and upper lip. You should massage it gently for 5 minutes, two times a day.


This point is located in the central part of the hands the place where your fingers and thumb connect. Massaging this point will improve the function of your intestines.

3.The leg

This point is right below your knee. It will help you to increase nutrient absorption capacity and will improve your digestion.


It is located in the center of the top of the ear. Massaging this point will help you to control the heart rhythm and anxiety. You should massage this point for 3 minutes a day.