It Really Does Wonders: Hold Your Hand in This Position and you will not Believe What Follows Next!

We all live in a stressful world. Hand yoga is an excellent solution to relive stress and improve our mood.

Surya Mudra



This is a weight loss pose. It can help you improve your digestion and stimulate your metabolism. You will lose your extra weight for only few days.

Prithvi Mudra


This is a strength pose. It will straighten your body and protect you from different inflammations and obstructions.

Vaayu Mudra


This is the calmness pose that improves the oxygen transportation throughout the body. It helps us reduce aggression and hyperactivity, and make us feel calmness.

Shunya Mudra


With this pose you can relive pain. It relaxes our body and helps us treat vertigo.

Gyan Mudra


This is the pose of wisdom. It increases our concentration and improve our memory.

Varun Mudra


With this pose you can treat arthritis, dehydration and hormone disorders.

Aakash Mudra

This is the pose of enlightenment which is excellent for taking our mind off things.

Practice these quick and easy habits every day to be happier, healthier, and more productive.Do each of them for a minute.