Here Is How To Remove Brown Spots With Just One Simple Ingredient!

The age spots (liver spots) are black or brown, tan and flat spots that appear on the skin. They may vary in size and they are mostly seen on hands, arms and shoulders and the face, and these are the areas that get the most sun exposure. The age spots are linked with adults over age of 50, but they can appear also in the young adults, especially if they are exposed to sun for longer period.

The age spots are caused by long period of exposure to sun’s ultraviolet light. Also, the using of tanning bed can cause age spots.  The pigment in the skin’s upper layer that gives the skin normal color is known as melanin. When the skin comes in contact with the UV light, the rays accelerate the melanin production and create a tan on the skin to help to protect the skin’s deeper layers from damage that is cause by the UV rays. The age spots are appearing on the skin that had prolonged and frequent sun exposure.

The best defense against the age spots is proper protection from the sun. It is more likely to get them if you have light-colored skin or fair skin, or if you have intense or frequent history of sunburns or sun exposure.

Age spots are harmless, but if you notice them changing their appearance you should consult a doctor as I may be a sign of melanoma. Visit a doctor if you notice your age spot is darkly pigmented or is increasing in size rapidly (accompanied by bleeding, tenderness, redness or itching, has an unusual color combination or irregular border).

Age spots- home remedy

Age spot treatment includes medications like chemical peels, dermabrasion, freezing, laser therapy or bleaching creams. But there is a natural way to lighten them.

The author of “Quantum Paleo”, Dr. D. Willen, provided a natural solution to age spots and it is all about a mixture of onion juice and apple cider vinegar (ACV). Onions has antioxidant compounds that neutralize the body’s free radicals. The ACV has alpha hydroxy acids that remove the dead skin and reveal the underneath healthy skin.

This is what you have to do:

Dice one onion and pulverize it using a pestle and mortar. Then, put the onion into a blender and add the apple cider vinegar and blend them. Get a cotton ball and apply it to the age spots.

Watch the following video and try to use unfiltered, raw and organic apple cider vinegar. Do not forget to use natural sunscreen.