If you sleep naked tonight, here’s the surprising effect it’ll have on your body

A recently conducted study has shown that less than 10 Americans sleep naked and this is as low as this number can get.

Scientists say that sleeping naked can be beneficial for us in many ways from improving health and physical benefits to psychological advantages.

  1. It is a fact that when you sleep naked, you sleep better. Your body temperature naturally lowers and this improves the temperature cycle that is usually disrupted when you’re wearing thick pajamas and you’re covered with blankets.

Increased body heat will lower your sleep quality and will increase the “toss and turn” movements.

  1. It can air you both upstairs and downstairs. This is extremely beneficial for females since it prevents the growth of years and bacteria while drying spots of perspiration.
  1. It is also helpful in reducing weight faster since it balances and lowers your cortisol levels.
  1. Excessive amounts of this hormone will improve the health of your skin and hair.
  1. Believe it or not, skin to skin contacts increase the bond between two people. When two people touch, a hormone by the name of oxytocin is released making you more sensitive to the touch of your partner. This will result in the growth of subconscious mutual trust between you and your partner and it will lower your heart rate.
  1. It will also shake up your body in the morning, making you feel more energetic and positive throughout the whole day.
  1. Wearing fewer clothes when sleeping stimulates blood circulation and eliminates stomach discomfort and pain while also reducing tension. Wearing tight and heavy clothes causes discomfort and might even lead to insomnia while some studies have proven that sleeping naked helps in the prevention of insomnia since it makes you feel more comfortable.
  1. Other studies have also shown that sleeping naked allows the body to soak up nutrients easier. Sleeping naked also stimulates skin tissue repair and improves the body’s metabolic rate. Even if you can’t get completely rid of clothes and pajamas, try to wear as less cloth as you can. It is guaranteed to improve your sleep.