Stop- It’s Not Just A Weed! It’s One Of The Most Unrecognized Health-Boosting Plants

Purslane often ignored as a weed is in fact a herb with multiple benefits. Also known as Portulaca Olaracea the plant first began to be cultivated in India and Persia.

Strong seed; capable of surviving in many climates

Purslane seeds survive in land for about 40 years despite the fact that they are natural crops and not GMO. This plant is especially beneficial for our immune system and general health.

One of the surprising benefits of Purlane often referred to as pig weed, is that its Omega 3 fatty acids is better than many fish oils. This weed is abundant in vitamin A compared to most leafy green vegetables (100 gm provides about 44% of RDA). We know how advantageous vitamin A is for defence against cancer and in boosting the eye health.

A great Anti-Oxidant

Those discarding Purslane as a weed are totally oblivious of its innumerable health benefits. It consists of two types of betalin alkaloid pigments (yellow beta xanthins and reddish beta cyanis) which are very effective antioxidants as well as anti mutagens. Purslane is also a good source of vitamin C and B-complex inclusive of pyridoxine, riboflavin, and niacin. It also has carotenoids and trace minerals like magnesium, iron and calcium.

Considering the nutritional advantages and enormous amount we spend purchasing health supplements doesn’t it seem like a good idea to raise the status of Purslane from weed to food included in regular diet. It can play a tremendous role in improving health and increasing immunity.